Registration Procedures - MITAM

Special Registration

Late Registration

If you miss the registration deadline and do not wish to wait until the next test administration, you may try to register late, up to eight working days before the test. Late registration will only be approved if there is space available at one of the campuses at which the test is administered. The only way to register late is to do so online. Information about late registration will be posted on the Home Page of the NITE website; there is no need to telephone the Registration Center. The late registration fee is 150% of the regular test fee. You will be assigned to whichever location has spaces available. Those registering late will not be able to choose their test location.

Because of the complex arrangements required for those entitled to special test accommodations, late registration is not available to those requiring special test accommodations.

Registration on the Day of the Test

It may be possible for those who have not registered previously to register on the day of the test.

This requires calling the Registration Center during the six working days prior to the test date to ascertain whether spaces are available and to receive precise instructions regarding the procedure. Because this type of registration necessitates special arrangements, it entails a particularly high fee: 250% of the regular test fee. The following conditions also apply to a test taken with same-day registration:

  • The test will be administered at one location only.
  • The number of places is limited and seats will be assigned on a first-come-first-served basis. It is not possible to reserve places in advance.
  • Examinees must arrive at the test location two hours before the start of the test to complete the necessary procedures, including payment, preparation of test materials, and assignment to a test hall.
  • Payment is made at the test site, in cash or by credit card only. It is not possible to pay by check. It is not possible to divide the fee into multiple payments.


Late registrants should note that, due to the expense and the fact that after the registration deadline places are not guaranteed, special registration and registration on the day of the test are not recommended and are intended for emergency situations only.


About the Test

Test Administration Dates

The MITAM test is administered once a year, before the beginning of the academic year.

Test Locations

The test is administered at several locations around the country. You may choose a test location that is most convenient for you from among the locations offered, regardless of the institutions to which you have applied. The earlier you register, the more likely it is that your preferences can be taken into account. If there is no place available at the location of your choice, you will be assigned to the nearest alternative.

Testing Conditions

The test is usually administered in university lecture halls, with their usual seating arrangements. Naturally, these halls vary in terms of size, seating facilities (for example seats with writing boards as opposed to desks and chairs), etc. You will not be able to choose the lecture hall or seating arrangements.

During the test, use of the following is strictly prohibited: calculators (including those on wristwatches), clocks (including stopwatches) that emit sound, cellular telephones, other communication devices, laptops and electronic devices of any kind, dictionaries, books, papers, or any other study aids.

Smoking is prohibited in all the examination halls.