Registration Procedures - MITAM

After Registering

Test Notification

You will receive email confirmation when the Registration Center has processed your online application. This confirmation will be sent to the email address you provided.

It is your responsibility to make sure that all the information in the notification you receive is accurate (name, ID/passport number, and test date). If there are any errors, correct them immediately by logging onto the website or by calling the Registration Center.

Once registration is closed, details of the test date and location you have been assigned will be sent by email or mailed to the address you provided on your form. You may also log on to the website to view them.

Changing Your Test Location

If you wish to change your test location, you may do so for about a week after you receive your assigned date and location, as long as there is space available. Changes can be made by logging on to the website or by calling the Registration Center.

Changing Your Test Date

If you wish to postpone your test date after you have registered, you may do so by logging on to the NITE website or by contacting the Registration Center by phone, as explained below:

  • If your request reaches the Registration Center before the registration deadline for the test administration for which you are registered, it can be accommodated at no extra charge.
  • After the registration deadline for the test administration for which you are registered, a change of test date can only be made beginning two weeks after the test date that you were originally assigned. This will entail a service charge of approximately 18% of the test fee on the date of the request.
  • If you have special accommodations approved for a particular test date, and you postpone your test date, you will have to contact the Special Test Accommodations Unit according to the instructions that appear here.

Canceling Registration

If you wish to cancel your registration for the test, you may do so by logging onto the NITE website. Your test fee will be reimbursed after a service charge has been deducted, as prescribed by law.

If your cancellation request is submitted within 48 hours after registering, there will be no service charge.
If your cancellation request is submitted within 14 days after registering, the service charge will be 5% of the test fee.

If your cancellation request is submitted over 14 days after registering, and before the registration deadline for the relevant test administration, the service charge will be 10% of the test fee.
If your cancellation request is submitted over 14 days after registering, and after the registration deadline for the relevant test administration, the service charge will be 30% of the test fee.

Refunds will be processed by direct bank deposit. Please ensure that your bank details are entered accurately.

Reporting Test Scores

Reporting Test Scores to the Academic Institutions

Your scores will be reported directly to all academic institutions in Israel offering advanced degrees in psychology within 45 days of the test date. The institutions to which scores are reported are listed here. NITE does not report test scores to institutions other than those listed. You can remove institutions from the list during registration.

All the institutions guarantee that the scores will be used solely for their own admissions purposes. The academic institutions process candidates’ applications solely on the basis of the scores reported directly to them by NITE. Candidates cannot report their scores themselves.

Reporting Test Scores to the Examinee

Within 45 days of the test administration, around the same time that the scores are reported to academic institutions, your scores will be available on the NITE website. To access your scores, you will need: ID number or foreign passport number (with which you registered for the test) and your personal password. Your scores will also be emailed to you.

Please note the following clarifications before contacting NITE with regard to your scores:

  • All scores for examinees tested on a particular test date are calculated on the same day and no individual score can be issued in advance of this date.
  • NITE does not release test scores by telephone or fax.

An additional copy of test results can be mailed to examinees at no extra charge for a period of three months following the test administration.

Requests for Changes to Score Reporting

If, after registration, you wish your scores to be reported to different institutions from those indicated during registration, or wish that your scores should not be reported to one or more of the institutions, or wish not to receive them by email, you may make a request via NITE’s website or by sending an email to the Scoring Department. There is no fee for this service. It is your responsibility to ensure that you receive written confirmation of the request from the Scoring Department.

Requests for Re-evaluation of the Answer Sheets

NITE allows the re-evaluation of answer sheets. The re-evaluation does not include a reassessment of the open questions, but only verifies that all the scoring details were recorded accurately.

A fee is charged for this procedure. However, if it is discovered that an error has indeed occurred, this fee will be refunded. In our experience the chance of finding an error is minimal.

A request for re-evaluation can be submitted via the website or by sending an email to the Scoring Department. You are entitled to request a re-evaluation for up to three months after the test date. The results of the re-evaluation will be sent to you within seven working days after receipt of the request and payment.

Complaints Regarding the Test

Any complaint regarding the test should be addressed in writing to the Customer Relations Bureau via the form available on the website, or by fax or mail within one week of the test date. A complaint received later than this will not be processed, in part because concerns about the test administration can only be investigated in close proximity to the test date.

All correspondence with NITE on this topic should include your name, the ID or foreign passport number with which you registered for the test, type of test, and test date.

Compromising the Integrity of the Test and Cheating

NITE views very seriously any attempt to compromise the integrity of its tests, including any behavior that infringes on the confidentiality of the test or the use of its results. We also view very seriously any attempt to obtain a score by illegal means, such as copying during the test or impersonating someone else. Among other things, cheating may lead to situations in which unsuitable candidates are accepted, sometimes even at the expense of candidates who are better qualified for the study program in question. The National Institute for Testing and Evaluation has methods for detecting cheating and attempts to compromise test integrity, and reserves the right to react to such situations using all means at its disposal and at its discretion. These may include:

  1. Invalidating the test
  2. Prohibiting an examinee from taking any test administered by NITE for a period of 12 months
  3. Filing a civil suit
  4. Submitting a complaint to university or college disciplinary committees

Please note: Impersonating another person (such as sending someone to take the test in your place) is a criminal offense. If someone is suspected of committing such an offense, a complaint will be filed with the police and with university disciplinary committees.

Summons for Retesting

During the scoring process, NITE conducts routine checks to ensure that each examinee’s scores accurately reflect his or her ability. Among other things NITE performs statistical checks comparing the examinees’ answer sheets. Sometimes these procedures indicate problems such as irregular or inconsistent test results or technical problems which interfere with the assessment of scores.

In any case where difficulties arise with score assessment or there are doubts concerning the test results, the examinee will be summoned to retake the test at NITE’s offices in Jerusalem, and his or her test scores will be frozen until the matter has been resolved. Only after an examinee is retested will NITE decide how to proceed.

A written summons for retesting is generally sent to such examinees within six weeks of the test date; however, it may also be issued at a later date.

In addition, in every case where information discovered by or brought to the attention of NITE casts doubt for any reason upon the reliability of any score reported to an examinee, including cases where evidence is uncovered during subsequent tests taken by the examinee, or information is provided to NITE by external sources such as academic institutions, NITE reserves the right - in the course of any test administration - to freeze or disqualify that score and to summon the examinee to a retest to clarify the matter (and, when relevant, to notify the academic institutions that the score which NITE had previously reported to them has been disqualified).

In addition, in response to any attempt at cheating, copying, or receiving a score through illegal means, NITE has the authority to prohibit the examinee from taking any test it administers for a period of 12 months.


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