Registration Procedures - MITAM

This section explains how to register for the MITAM test. Please read all the information carefully. When registering for the test, you will be asked to confirm that you have read all the procedures set out below, including the Privacy Policy.


General Information

The MITAM test is an admissions requirement for a Master’s degree in psychology at all academic institutions offering advanced degrees in psychology. At some institutions, the MITAM test is an admissions requirement for all specializations, and in others, only for certain specializations.

The MITAM score is only one of the tools used for screening applicants to Master’s programs. Other tools include grades in undergraduate courses, references, interviews, or assessment centers (according to the requirements of individual institutions). Each institution sets its own individual criteria with respect to the weight of the MITAM score in the admissions process to the institution or a specific specialization.

The MITAM test is held once a year. An applicant can take the test in consecutive years.

To register for the MITAM test you need an Israeli identity document or valid passport. Please bring with you to the test the document you used when registering.

NITE reserves the right to pursue any course of action it deems appropriate in cases where it suspects that an examinee has registered for the test for a purpose other than that for which the test was designed and/or because of external motivations.

It is forbidden to register for the test in order to infringe on NITE’s proprietary rights. This includes copying, disclosing, or conveying test items, whether to provide instruction and preparation for the test or for any other purpose.

Registration for the MITAM test is a separate procedure from applying to an educational institution. Applying to an educational institution is not an automatic registration for the MITAM test, and registering for the MITAM test does not constitute application to an academic institution. The MITAM test is administered only in Hebrew. However, an applicant whose mother tongue is not Hebrew is entitled to extra time, subject to conditions specified in the section on special test accommodations.

Validity of the Test Scores

The score in the MITAM test is valid for applications for Master’s degrees in psychology for five academic years following the test. For example, the results of the 2023 test are valid for applicants to the 2024-2025, 2025-2026, 2026-2027, 2027-2028 and 2028-2029 academic years. Likewise, the 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023 tests are valid for the 2024-2025 academic year.

Additional information can be found in the academic institutions’ catalogs and websites.

In general, academic institutions will take into account an applicant’s highest score, but you are advised to confirm this with your selected institution.

How to Register for the Test

It is possible to register either via the NITE website or by means of the printed registration form. To obtain the form call the Registration Center.

Registration for the test is contingent on payment of the test fees appearing on the NITE website at the time of registration. Registration must be completed before the registration deadline that appears on the NITE website, following the procedures listed below.

Information with regard to changing a test date, canceling registration, late registration, and same-day registration appears below.


Online Registration

It is important to provide accurate personal details during registration, including your email address.

On the form, you are asked to fill in your 9-digit Israeli ID number. If you do not have an Israeli ID but have an Israeli passport or Immigrant’s Certificate (Teudat Oleh), copy the ID number from that document.

If you do not have any of these means of identification, you may type in your foreign passport number. Use the last 8 digits of your passport number. If your passport number has fewer than 8 digits, fill in the spaces on the left with zeros.

NOTE: Make sure to use the same identity or passport number to register for the MITAM test and for the selected academic institution.For your information: Registration that is not entered into the system by the final registration deadline (for whatever reason) will not be accepted. We therefore recommend that you register in advance and not wait until the last minute. A confirmation is issued when your registration process is complete.


Registration Using the Printed Form

Completing the Form

It is important to complete all parts of the registration form, including your email address.

Copy your identity number from your ID Card (Teudat Zehut) or Immigrant’s Certificate onto the form. Enter the check digit into the separate box provided for this purpose. If you do not know your check digit, leave this field blank. If your identity number is less than 8 digits long, fill in the blank spaces on the left with zeros.

If you do not have an Israeli identity document but do have an Israeli passport, do not copy your passport number, but rather the identity number that appears in the passport. If you have neither an Israeli passport nor an Immigrant’s Certificate, copy your foreign passport number with the last digit in the rightmost box (leave the check digit blank). A form submitted without an identity number or foreign passport number will not be processed.

NOTE: Make sure to use the same ID or foreign passport number when registering for the MITAM test and when applying to the selected academic institution.

Bank Payment of Test Fee

After you have completed the registration form, sign it and pay the fee at any bank, using the payment voucher attached to the form. Detach the examinee receipt and keep it for reference purposes. If the registration form is lost, this receipt constitutes proof that you have paid. The last date for which the test fee is valid is noted on the payment voucher. Make sure to pay by this date or your form will not be processed.

NOTE: The test fee payment deadline and the final date for test registration are separate and independent deadlines.

Ensure that the registration form is stamped in all three designated places. If your form arrives at NITE without a bank stamp it will not be processed until payment is verified. This may prevent you from registering for the requested test date.

Mailing the Form

The form should be mailed according to the instructions that appear on it. Do not send the registration form by fax. Bear in mind that payment of the test fee does not constitute registration for the test (the bank does not forward your personal data to NITE). Your registration is processed only after the form is received at NITE.

NOTE: Your registration form must reach NITE by the registration deadline stipulated for the test administration date for which you are registering.

If the form arrives after the deadline, the registration will apply to the following test administration (in the next year).