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RR 20-01

Kennet-Cohen, T., Kleper, D., Turvall, A. ( 2020).
Two Approaches for Computing Standard Errors and Confidence
Intervals for Correlations in the Case of Indirect Range Restriction

RR 19-02

Gutentag, T., Tamir, M., Karelitz, T. ( 2019).
Reducing Test Anxiety and Improving Test Performance by
Increasing Perceived Attainability in Emotion Regulation:
Summary Report 2018-2019

RR 17-02

Tzelgov, J., Zohar-Shai, B., Labovich, T., Goldman, R., Ben Simon, A.,
Rubinsten, O. ( 2017).
Young Adults with Developmental Dyscalculia Do Represent and
Process Number Magnitude

RR 16-10

Barneron, M., Allalouf, A., Yaniv, I. ( 2016).
Rate it Twice: Using the Wisdom of Many in One Mind to Improve
Performance Evaluation

RR 16-08

Kleper, D., Saka, N. ( 2016).
General Ability or Distinct Scholastic Aptitudes?
A Multidimensional Validity Analysis of the Psychometric
Higher-Education Entrance Test

RR 16-06

Eviatar, Z., Ibrahim, R., Karelitz, T., Ben Simon, A. ( 2016).
Speed of Reading Texts in Arabic and Hebrew

RR 16-05

Cohen, Y. ( 2016).
Estimating the intra-rater reliability of essay raters

RR 16-03

Kennet-Cohen, T., Turvall, E., Saar, Y., Oren, C. ( 2016).
The Predictive Validity of a Two-Step Selection Process to
Medical Schools


Karelitz, T. ( 2013).
Using Public Opinion to Inform the Validation of Test Scores


Ben-Simon, A., Beyth-Marom, R., Inbar-Weiss, N., Cohen, Y. ( 2012).
Regulating the Diagnosis of Learning Disability and the Provision
of Test Accommodations in Institutions of Higher Education


Ben-Simon, A., Safran, Y. ( 2012).
The Factorial Structure of Written Hebrew and Its Application to


Baumer, M., Roded, K., Gafni, N. ( 2009).
Assessing the Equivalence of Internet-Based vs. Paper-and-Pencil
Psychometric Tests


Gafni, N., Cohen, Y., Roded, K., Baumer, M., Moshinsky, A., ( 2009).
Applications of CAT in Admissions to Higher Education in Israel:
Twenty-Two Years of Experience


Rotem, A., Ben-Simon, A., ( 2009).
Quantitative and Non-Quantitative Functions Underlying
Achievements and Difficulties in Learning Mathematics


Kennet-Cohen, T., Bronner, S., Ben-Simon. A., Intrator, N., ( 2008).
Different Approaches for Combining Scores on the Test Battery
for the Diagnosis of Learning Disabilities


Turvall, E., Bronner, S., Kennet-Cohen, T., Oren, C., ( 2008).
Fairness in the Higher Education Admissions Procedure:
The Psychometric Entrance Test in Arabic


Cohen, Y., Ben-Simon, A., Moshinsky, A., Eitan, M., ( 2008).
Computer Based Testing (CBT) in the Service of Test


Kennet-Cohen, T., Bronner, S., Cohen, Y., ( 2006).
Maximizing the Validity of a Test as a Function of Subtest
Lengths for a Fixed Total Testing Time: A Comparison Between
Two Methods


Bennet, R.E., Ben-Simon, A., ( 2005).
Toward Theoretically Meaningful Automated Essay Scoring


Oren, C., Even, A., ( 2005).
The Fairness and Validity of the Higher Education Selection
System for Students with Disabilities


Oren, C., Cohen, A., Goldshmidt, G., Sebba, R. ( 2005).
How and How Well Do Schools of Architecture Select their
Students: Israel's Technion as a Case Study


Ben-Simon, A., Cohen, Y. ( 2004).
International Assessments: Merits and Pitfalls


Allalouf, A., ( 2004).
Improving Second Language Proficiency Assessment -
A Differential Item Functioning Study


Moshinsky, A., Kazin, C., ( 2004).
Constructing a Computerized Psychometric Adaptive Test for
University Applicants with Disabilities


Cohen, Y., Ben-Simon, A., & Hovav, M. ( 2003).
The Effect of Specific Language Features on the Complexity of
Systems for Automated Essay Scoring


Kennet-Cohen, T., Bronner, S. & Oren, C. ( 2003).
Improving the Predictive Validity of a Test :
A Time-Efficient Perspective


Ben-Simon, A., Cohen, Y., ( 2003).
Does Schooling Mean Progress? It Depends!


Rapp, J. , Allalouf, A. ( 2002).
Evaluating Cross-Lingual Equating


Gafni, N., Moshinsky, A. ( 2002).
An Objective Group Questionnaire as a Substitute for a
Personal Interview in the Admissions Process to a Dental School


Allalouf, A., Rapp, J. ( 2002).
Equating Translated Verbal Test Forms Using Multiple Channels


Goldschmidt, G., Sebba, R., Oren, C., Cohen, A. ( 2002).
Who Should Be a Designer? Controlling Admission Into
Schools of Architecture


Rapp, J., Allalouf, A. ( 2002).
Evaluating The Effect of Ability Differences Between Groups
and A Non-Representative Anchor on Equating in
Cross-Lingual Circumstances


Bar-Hillel, M., Attali, Y. ( 2001).
Seek Whence: Answer Sequences and Their Consequences in
Key-Balanced Multiple-Choice Tests


Attali, Y., Bar-Hillel, M. ( 2001).
Guess Where: The Position of Correct Answers Multiple-Choice
Test Items as a Psychometric Variable


Allalouf, A. ( 2000).
Retaining Translated Verbal Reasoning Items by Revising DIF Items


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A Cross-Cultural Perspective on Gender Differences in Higher
Education: Admissions and Scholastic Achievement


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A Rational for the Design of the Psychometric Entrance Test


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Linear and Equipercentile Methods for Equating PET


Kennet-Cohen, T., Bronner, S. & Oren, C. ( 1999).
The Predictive Validity of the Components of the Process of
Selection of Candidates for Higher Education in Israel


Beller, M., Gafni, N. & Hanani, P. ( 1999).
Constructing, Adapting and Validating Admissions Tests in
Multiple Languages


Azen, R., Bronner, S. & Gafni, N. ( 1999).
Examination of Gender Bias in Admission to Universities in Israel


Attali, Y. & Fraenkel, T. ( 1998).
The Point-Biserial as a Discrimination Index for Distractors in
Multiple-Choice Items: Deficiencies in Usage and an Alternative


Kennet-Cohen, T. & Bronner, S. ( 1998).
The Predictive Validity of the Components of the Process of
Selection for Higher Education in Israel: A Correction for
Sample-Selection Bias Using Heckman’s Method


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Detecting Sources of DIF in Translated Verbal Items


Gafni, N. & Bronner, S. ( 1998).
An Examination of Criterion-Related Bias for Hebrew and
Russian-Speaking Examinees in Israel


Roccas., S. & Moshinsky, A. ( 1997).
Factors Affecting the Difficulty of Verbal Analogies


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Prediction of Item Difficulty in English Subtest of Israel’s
Inter-University Psychometric Entrance Test


Berger, A. ( 1996).
Standard-Setting in Testing: A Survey of the Literature


Allalouf , A. ( 1996).
The Effect of Coaching on the Predictive Validity of Scholastic
Aptitude Test


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Can Item Format (Multiple-Choice vs Open-Ended) Account for
Gender Differences in Mathematics Achievement