The MOR and MIRKAM Assessment Centers for Medical and Dental School Admissions are designed to assess candidates on the basis of personal factors that are not measured by matriculation exams or the Psychometric Entrance Test. These variables include interpersonal skills, self-awareness, and the ability to cope with different situations.  The candidates are evaluated on the basis of their conduct, opinions, attitudes, and descriptions of personal experiences. Although there is no need to prepare for the assessment days, it is recommended that you arrive physically and mentally refreshed.

MOR and MIRKAM consist of two parts: An assessment Center and a Personal-Biographical Questionnaire. Although the two Assessment Centers operate independently of one another, some parts of the questionnaires are used by both centers.

Candidates will be allowed to participate in tests at only one Assessment Center each year.

All candidates will be summoned to two test days: one day for the Personal-Biographical Questionnaire and one day for either the MOR or MIRKAM Assessment Center.


Guide to MOR and MIRKAM (in Hebrew)
Summaries of Tasks from Previous Years -  (in Hebrew)
Calculation of Scores for MOR, MIRKAM and MERAV (in Hebrew)
Fees for MIRKAM: Administration of the Personal-Biographical Questionnaire