Guidelines for Those Taking the Stand-Alone YAEL Test:

Before, during and after the Test

Test Sections

The first three sections of the test consist of multiple-choice questions. The time allotted for each section is specified on the first page of the section. Reading the instructions is included in the allotted time. The multiple-choice sections consist of several parts that must all be completed in the allotted time. At the end of the allotted time for each section, you will be instructed to turn to the next section.

There are different types of question in the multiple-choice sections. Each type of question is preceded by the relevant instructions. Although these instructions also appear in the Guide for Examinees, do not rely solely on your familiarity with them. Read the instructions again, carefully. Misunderstanding an important instruction might lead to mistakes in all of the questions of that type. Moreover, the test might contain new instructions which you are unfamiliar with. It is also very important that you carefully read the questions themselves and all of the possible responses before choosing the correct answer. See exactly what is being required of you in each question, and only then answer accordingly.

Each question in the multiple-choice sections has four alternative responses from which you must choose the best answer. Choose only one answer. Mark your answers on the answer sheet, taking care that you are marking the correct question and the correct section. The answer sheet for the multiple-choice sections is read by an optical scanner that feeds the data directly into a computer. Using a pencil makes it possible to erase and correct your answers.

Below is a section of the answer sheet.

Mark your answer by filling in the ellipse corresponding to the question you are answering, as follows: 


For example: Let us assume that you are answering question number 2, and you have decided that the correct response is 3. Find the corresponding ellipse (number 3) in the column for question 2, and fill it in as shown.



The only correct way to mark an answer is by filling in the ellipse completely without going outside the outline. Any other mark - a vertical line, a horizontal line, a circle, etc. - will not be read by the scanner.


Fill in only one ellipse for each question. If you fill in more than one ellipse per question, your answer will be disqualified, even if one of the possible responses you have chosen is correct. If you want to change an answer that you have already marked, use a clean eraser to erase the incorrect answer, and then mark the answer you feel is the correct one. Make sure your previous answer is completely erased; otherwise, the optical scanner might read your answer incorrectly. Make sure that each answer is marked in the correct place. If you skip a question in the test booklet, make sure that you skip the corresponding place on the answer sheet. When answering subsequent questions, always check that the number of the question matches the number of the column in which you are marking your answer. You must mark your answers in the time allotted for the section. You will not be given time to fill in the answer sheet after the time has elapsed.


Do not fold the answer sheet, use tape on it, or write anywhere other than in the designated places. These actions could interfere with the optical scanner and affect your score. If your answer sheet is torn, gets wet, or is damaged in any way, raise your hand and report it to the proctors. You may use the test booklet for scrap paper if you want to make notes to help answering the questions; the answer sheet or other papers are not to be used for this purpose.

Note: You bear sole responsibility for what appears on the answer sheet. It will be read exactly as you filled it in. If you mistakenly marked answers in the wrong place, there is no way to reconstruct what you really intended, and the answer sheet that you filled in incorrectly will determine your score.


Writing Task

In the last section of the test you will be required to write an essay in Hebrew. The assignment for the essay is given on the last page of the test booklet. You should write your essay on the back of the answer sheet. Start by copying the assignment into the allocated box on the back of the answer sheet. Before you begin to write your essay, read the assignment carefully. Make sure that the essay is relevant to the assignment and try to write in a well-organized fashion and in correct Hebrew. The essay should be between 12-15 lines long. Use the line numbers on the answer sheet to check how many lines you have written. Make sure to write only in the allocated area of the sheet and not to write outside the marked margins. You should write only in pencil, and you may use an eraser to make corrections. If you want scrap paper to write an outline or a preliminary draft of the essay before writing on the answer sheet, you may use the back cover of the test booklet, which is headed “Draft”.