About the YAEL Test

The Hebrew Proficiency Test (YAEL) is intended to assess an examinee’s proficiency in Hebrew. Most institutions of higher education in Israel require a score in the YAEL test as part of the entrance procedure for an examinee who has taken the Psychometric Entrance Test in a language other than Hebrew, or who was not required to take the Psychometric Entrance Test and took high school matriculation tests (Bagrut) in a language other than Hebrew.

The score in the YAEL test is used by educational institutions to screen examinees according to their knowledge of Hebrew and place them in Hebrew language courses at an appropriate level. Some institutions specify a score in the YAEL test as one of their entrance requirements. Each educational institution has its own policy with respect to the use of YAEL scores, so you should find out from the institution where you want to study whether you will be required to take the YAEL test and how the institution uses the scores.

The YAEL test is approximate one and a half hours long and consists of four sections: the first three sections contain multiple-choice questions, and the fourth section is a writing task. More information about the test format and components is available here.

Those who take the Psychometric Entrance Test in languages other than Hebrew may take the YAEL test on the same day immediately after the Psychometric Entrance Test. In that case, there is no need to register separately, and no extra fee is charged for the YAEL test.

If you want to take a Hebrew proficiency test independently from the Psychometric Entrance Test, you will need to register for the YAELNET test and pay a fee. Information on registration is available here.