Guidelines for Examinees Taking the
YAEL Test following the Psychometric Entrance Test:

Before, During and After the Test

Examinees who took the Psychometric Entrance Test in languages other than Hebrew are also required by some educational institutions to submit a score in YAEL, the Hebrew Proficiency Test. We recommend establishing in advance whether this is one of the requirements of the institution to which you are applying.

If you need to take the YAEL test, it is worth familiarizing yourself in advance with the test format and the types of questions included.

You can find this information here. We recommend practicing by answering tests from previous years. You can find sample tests here.

Examinees who take the Psychometric Entrance Test in a language other than Hebrew can take the YAEL test immediately afterwards. In this case no fee will be charged. Registration for the test is automatic: if you register for the PET in a language other than Hebrew you will be registered for the YAEL test taking place immediately afterwards. If you prefer, you may take the YAELNET test independently from the PET, but to do so, you must register for it separately and pay a fee. Additional information about registering for YAELNET independently from the PET may be found here.

NOTE: Examinees who are granted special test accommodations for the PET will not be able to take the YAEL test immediately after the PET. These examinees will receive written notification of their registration for the YAELNET. The letter will contain instructions regarding test date, testing center and special test accommodations.

If you do not want to take the YAEL test after the PET, just leave the test hall when the PET is over. If you decide to take the YAEL test, you may take a few minutes’ break between the two tests, according to the instructions of the proctors in the test halls. Make sure to leave your ID document on your desk if you leave the hall. After the break, you must return to where you were sitting before. If you are late returning to the hall, it will be at the expense of the time allotted for the test.

The YAEL test is approximately one-and-a-half hours long.

סטודנטיות לומדות מחשבים 2

During the Test

Pay attention to the proctors’ instructions and follow them exactly.

Before the beginning of the test, the proctors will pass out the test booklet and answer sheet. The test booklet contains four sections: three multiple-choice sections and an essay question. The answer sheet has two sides. One side is for entering the answers to the multiple-choice questions and the other side is for writing your essay.

The proctors will announce when you can open the booklet and begin the test, when you need to stop filling out the answer sheet, and when you need to move on to the next section. You may not change any answer on the answer sheet after the allotted time for that section; you may not turn back to a previous section or skip ahead to a later section before you are instructed to do so, even if you have spare time. If you fail to follow these instructions, you will be disqualified.

You may not leave the room during the test. An examinee who needs the restroom must raise a hand and wait for a proctor to accompany them. Restroom breaks do not stop the clock for that examinee. Examinees will not be permitted to leave the room for any other purpose (e.g. for a smoke break or to buy food and drink).

N.B.: No study aids or electronic devices are permitted during the test! Anyone found with an electronic device or prohibited study aid in his or her possession during the test will be asked to leave the test hall immediately.

Maintain suitable decorum during the test. Treat the proctors and the other examinees with respect. Do not make a noise or cause any other kind of disturbance during the test. If you need to get a proctor’s attention, raise your hand.


Test Sections

The first three sections of the test consist of multiple-choice questions. The time allotted for each section is specified on the first page of the section. Reading the instructions is included in the allotted time. The multiple-choice sections consist of several parts that must all be completed in the allotted time. There is no break between two parts of the same section. At the end of the allotted time for each section, you will be instructed to turn to the next section.

There are different types of question in the multiple-choice sections. Each type of question is preceded by the relevant instructions. Although these instructions also appear in the Guide for Examinees, do not rely solely on your familiarity with them. Read the instructions again, carefully. Misunderstanding an important instruction might lead to mistakes in all of the questions of that type. Moreover, the test might contain new instructions which you are unfamiliar with. It is also very important that you carefully read the questions themselves and all of the possible responses before choosing the correct answer. See exactly what is being required of you in each question, and only then answer accordingly. The method of filling out the answer sheet is identical to the PET. Make sure you write/mark answers in the correct places.


Writing Task

In the last section of the test you will be required to write an essay in Hebrew. The assignment for the essay is given on the last page of the test booklet. You should write your essay on the back of the answer sheet. Start by copying the assignment into the allocated box on the back of the answer sheet. Before you begin to write your essay, read the assignment carefully. Make sure that the essay is relevant to the assignment and try to write in a well-organized fashion and in correct Hebrew.

The essay should be between 12-15 lines long. Use the line numbers on the answer sheet to check how many lines you have written. Make sure to write only in the allocated area of the sheet and not to overflow the marked margins. You should write only in pencil, and you may use an eraser to make corrections.

If you wish to write an outline or a preliminary draft before writing your essay on the answer sheet, you may use the back cover of the test booklet (which has the word “Draft” at the top of the page). Please note: Drafts will not be checked.