Registration for the Psychometric Entrance Test

Online Registration

We recommend registering for the test online at the NITE website.

You should read the registration procedures before registering. When registering, you will be asked to confirm that you have read the procedures. This confirmation is a precondition for participating in the test.

To register, click here.

NOTE: online registration is not available for those paying by means of the deposit from the Defense Ministry’s Guidance Unit for Discharged Soldiers. If you wish to pay by means of the deposit, contact the Guidance Unit for Discharged Soldiers to receive instructions on how to make the payment.


Registration by Mail

To register by mail you need to order a registration form by phone from the Registration Center.

It is recommended to read the registration procedures before registering. When filling out the form you will be asked to confirm that you have read the procedures. This confirmation is a precondition for participating in the test.

NOTE: Your registration must reach NITE by the registration deadline. If the form arrives after the deadline, you will be registered for the next test date.


Registration for a Test with Special Accommodations

NITE offers test accommodations for applicants with special needs. Special accommodations are only offered in Israel. For every test date, a test with special accommodations will be administered on the same day as the regular test or within a few weeks after it. Applicants registered for special accommodations will be sent a notification of the exact date.

Explanation of the registration process and documents required for a request for special accommodations.

Those interested in requesting special accommodations should read and follow all the information, prerequisites and criteria for submitting a request. Failure to meet the prerequisites and criteria will result in the request being denied.

NOTE: The registration deadline is the latest date for submitting requests, documents and appeals relating to a request for a test with special accommodations. Therefore you should mail or deliver by hand all the required documents to NITE no later than the registration deadline.

Processing an application can take up to 25 working days. NITE reserves the right to request additional data and diagnoses from applicants. An applicant whose request is submitted less than one month before the deadline will almost certainly not have enough time to submit additional material or appeal the decision and request a reassessment. We therefore recommend submitting a request for special accommodations with all supporting documents as early as possible, at least two months in advance. After the registration deadline an applicant will not be able to appeal NITE’s decision regarding his or her request, and it will not be possible to make any additions, updates, or corrections to medical reports and diagnoses, if required.


Overseas Tests

The Psychometric Entrance Tests are administered in a number of countries in Europe and South America - conditional on a sufficient number of applicants. The registration form for tests abroad and the test fee are different from those applicable to tests in Israel.

For additional information, please click on Tests Administered Overseas.