How Is the Score for a YAELNET Test Calculated?

Scores are calculated in a three-step process:

  1. Calculation of the scores in the multiple-choice sections: each correct answer is worth one point. The raw score for these sections is equal to the total number of correct answers. Two of the three multiple-choice sections on the test are used to determine your score. In order to enable comparison of scores of examinees who took different test forms on different test dates, the raw scores are converted to a uniform scale, ranging from 50 to 150.
  2. Calculation of the essay score: the essay is scored by two evaluators according to four criteria: content, structure, richness of language and correctness of language. Each evaluator scores the essay independently. The score for the essay is the average of the scores given by the two evaluators, and is also converted to a uniform scale ranging from 50 to 150.
  3. Calculation of the YAELNET general score: the final score is a weighted average, in which the scores in the multiple-choice sections have a weight of 2/3 and the score for the essay has a weight of 1/3.


The final scores of the YAELNET test are on a scale from 50 to 150.