Registration for the YAELNET Test via the Institutions of Higher Education

This page provides details of the registration process for the YAELNET Test. You should read all of the information carefully.

Registration and payment

You must register and pay at the educational institution where you will be taking the test.

NITE reserves the right to pursue any course of action it deems appropriate in cases where it suspects that an examinee has registered for the test for a purpose other than that for which the test was designed and/or because of external motivations.

It is forbidden to register for the test in order to infringe on NITE’s proprietary rights. This includes copying, disclosing, or conveying test items, whether to provide instruction and preparation for the test or for any other purpose.

On the day of the test

Before entering the examination hall, you will be required to show your identity card, as well as turn off your mobile telephone and put it into your bag or place it on the proctors’ table. You must also place all other communication devices in your bag. Any examinee who is found with a mobile telephone, smartwatch, or any other communication device - even if it is turned off - will be removed immediately from the examination room and his or her test will be invalidated.

You will not be permitted to take the test without showing your identity card.

Test score

Your score will be reported to the educational institution where you took the test. You may report your score to additional institutions by logging on to the NITE website. 

In addition, you can view your score on the NITE website by entering your personal information. Your score will be reported to the institution where you took the test, and will be uploaded to the website within 7-10 days.

Cancelling registration

If you wish to cancel your registration, contact the educational institution where you registered.

Appealing your score

If you wish to have your score checked a second time, a fee will be charged. However, if it is found that a scoring error has indeed occurred, this fee will be refunded. Contact the Scoring Department at NITE or download the Form for Credit Card Payments for an Answer Sheet Recheck from the NITE website in order to submit your appeal.

Summons for retesting

During the scoring process, routine monitoring procedures are implemented to ensure that examinees’ scores accurately reflect their ability. In certain cases, NITE may encounter difficulties in evaluating a test because of an irregular or inconsistent test score or as the result of technical problems. In the event of any doubt as to a test score’s reliability, for any test and for any reason, including those mentioned above, an examinee may be summoned to retake the test at NITE’s offices in Jerusalem. The examinee’s test score will be frozen until all doubts as to its validity have been removed. Only after an examinee is retested will NITE decide how to proceed. Examinees usually receive a written summons for retesting within six weeks of the test date; however, a summons may also be issued at a later date.

In addition, NITE will be permitted to prohibit any examinee who has cheated and/or copied and/or attempted to receive an illegal score from taking any of the tests it administers for a period of 12 months.

How often can you take a Hebrew proficiency test?

You must wait at least 35 days before taking a Hebrew proficiency test again. This waiting period applies between two YAEL tests, between two YAELNET tests, between a YAEL and a YAELNET test or vice-versa. If you do not wait 35 days to take another test, your test will be invalidated and you will not be entitled to a refund. If your test is invalidated, you will have to wait at least 35 days from the date of the invalidated test before you can take a Hebrew proficiency test again.

Inquiries and comments

Any complaint regarding the test should be addressed in writing to the Customer Relations Bureau via the website, by fax, or by mail within one week of the test date. All correspondence with NITE should include your name, ID number, type of test and test date.

For additional information, contact:

The National Institute for Testing and Evaluation, AMIRAM Test Department, P.O.B. 39020, Jerusalem 9139001 Tel: 02-6759555; Fax: 02-6759543