Customer Relations Department

The customer relations department handles inquiries concerning admissions and screening tests and complaints concerning test registration procedures, test administration, and score reporting.

For general information on admissions and screening tests, you should start by looking for an answer to your question in the Tests FAQ.

Specific inquiries may be directed to the relevant department of NITE, according to the information appearing in the Contact Details for Enquiries by Subject Matter. The Registration Center handles test registration (including corrections and cancellations); the Scoring Department handles everything related to calculating and reporting test scores to examinees and educational institutions; and the Special Test Accommodations Unit handles requests for special test accommodations and inquiries concerning them.

For other general questions and inquiries, it is recommended to apply to the Customer Relations Department using the inquiry form below. Inquiries using this form will be answered within one or two working days.

Complaints concerning testing procedures should be entered using the form here within one week of the test date! These complaints will be answered within 25 working days from the date they are received, following thorough investigation. A response will be sent to the email address noted in the inquiry or the email address listed on the examinee’s test registration form. Note that if the investigation into a complaint concludes that there was a failure in test procedures, NITE will provide various kinds of assistance to the examinee. However, there is no possibility of raising the test score, since the scores are relative and any intervention will discriminate against other examinees.

Anyone registered for an admissions or screening test, or who has so registered in the past, can track their inquiry by logging onto the NITE website.