Test Development Workshops

In academia, examinations are game-changing. They determine who is accepted to courses, who receives a scholarship, who doesn’t take second year Economics, and who qualifies as a lawyer or a doctor. In our culture examinations are the bottom line of the educational system, and unfortunately they are often the focus of study.

“I never give 100”, “You should take the second sitting, it’s always easier”, “I wrote a three-page essay and he just marked a tick - he can’t have spent more than five minutes on it”. We often hear statements like these, reflecting only some of the problems with examinations in academia. For more than 25 years the National Institute for Testing and Evaluation has specialized in the development of examinations and scientific research into testing theory. It is the foremost body in the field in Israel and a world leader. One of the founding principles of the National Institute for Testing and Evaluation, a non-profit organization, is the improvement of the quality of examinations in schools and institutions of higher educations.

NITE offers a range of workshops on different aspects of developing, composing and scoring tests. The workshops are available to individuals and institutions interested in developing professional standards in the field and creating a fairer test culture. The workshops are given by lecturers experienced in developing and writing tests.

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For consultation, general information and arranging seminars

Director of Verbal Reasoning Domain, Mr. Sephi Pumpian 02-6750646 sephi@nite.org.il


Examples of institutions where workshops have been held in recent years


  1. Ariel University
  2. Ben-Gurion University
  3. Bar-Ilan University
  4. The Hebrew University
  5. The Open University
  6. Tel Aviv University



  1. Ohalo College
  2. Orot Israel College
  3. ORT Braude College
  4. Oranim Academic College
  5. Afeka College
  6. Ashkelon Academic College
  7. Western Galilee College
  8. Hadassah Academic College
  9. Kinneret College
  10. Sami Shamoon College
  11. Sapir Academic College
  12. Ruppin Academic Center
  13. Shalem College
  14. The Academic College of Tel Aviv-Yaffo
  15. Tel-Hai Academic College
  16. David Yellin College
  17. Safed Academic College


Bodies outside the higher education system

  1. Health Ministry - Nursing Division and Dental Hygiene Department
  2. Israel Railways
  3. Israel Police
  4. Israel Medical Association
  5. Meir Medical Center Nursing School, Kfar Saba
  6. The Center for Educational Technology