Updated Information on the Release of Scores from the Spring 2020 Test Administration

The National Institute for Testing and Evaluation (NITE) received multiple requests from examinees asking to receive their scores from the Spring (May-June) 2020 Test Administration before the Summer (July) 2020 Test Administration took place, so that they could decide whether to retake a test in July.


Given the large number of requests, NITE made a special effort to calculate the scores as quickly as possible and we are pleased to announce that all scores from the Spring 2020 Test Administration, including those for the Psychometric Entrance Test, AMIR and YAEL, as well as scores for tests taken with special accommodations, will be reported to the academic institutions and will appear in examinees’ personal accounts on June 30, 2020.


In this matter, as in all other matters that have arisen throughout the COVID-19 crisis, NITE has worked to ensure that the process of admissions to higher education is not impaired and that maximum consideration is given to examinees’ needs and wellbeing.