Test Administration Schedule

To see test dates, select the required test from the menu above the table.

Tests with special accommodation are administered alongside every regular test, or during the three weeks following. A notification of the exact date will be sent to examinees authorized for special test accommodations.

These test will be held only in Israel.

N.B. in cases where there are two test dates, you may not be able to choose on which of the two dates you will take the test.


Before choosing a test date, you should ensure that the date meets the requirements of the institution you are applying to. We recommend taking the test as early as possible, and not waiting until the last minute before your course registration deadline.

You should also check whether the test date conflicts with other events you will be attending, such as Bagrut examinations, trips abroad or reserve service.

FYI: the test score is not affected by the test version or language, the test date or the population taking the test on a particular date. The test score from all dates, languages, or versions is on a single uniform scale.


PET with special test accommodations

AMIR with special test accommodations


YAEL with special test accommodations

Examinees who take PET with special accommodations in a language other than Hebrew are entitled to take YAEL with special accommodations once free of charge, from the next test date onwards. After taking PET with special accommodations, the examinees will be sent a letter explaining how to register for YAEL with special accommodations.

N.B. PET and YAEL cannot both be taken with special accommodations at the same date!
(See additional information on YAEL.)


MITAM with special test accommodations

Examinees for the Entrance Test for Advanced Degrees in Psychology (MITAM) will be tested once per year at the regular test date. The registration deadline for the September 2021 test is 23.8.2021. This is also the deadline for the submission of documents to our office.