Other Enquiries

1. Applications for a retest with special accommodations or for special accommodations in an additional test

Applicants who have already taken PET, AMIR or MITAM with special test accommodations and who want to take a retest of one of the tests must act according to the following instructions:

1. Register for the test you want to take.

2. You must send the appropriate questionnaire for an applicant (male or female) who has already taken a test with special accommodations. The questionnaire should be emailed to mutam@nite.org.il, posted to P.O. Box 26015, Jerusalem 9126001, or faxed to 02-6750640, marked Attn: BAMOT Unit.

3. Note: When you log onto the NITE website, you can check the “status history” to confirm that your application has been received and to track the current status of your request. You can track the processing of your request by logging on to the website

4. If the status of an application sent by fax is not updated on the website within two working days, the fax probably did not reach the intended recipient and you should resend it.

5. Note: If you apply to take an additional test with special accommodations for a medical or mental disability, you must check that the professional opinions submitted in the past are up to date, not more than a year before the date of the test for which you are now registering (see Step 3 - Documents to Submit). If the professional opinion submitted in the past is more than a year old, you must submit a new one, following the instructions in the “Registration Process”.

6. If the letter approving special accommodations for the previous test date required you to submit additional documents, please include these additional documents in your current application.

7. You do not have to resend documents submitted in a previous application.

8. If you have additional or updated documents, please include them with your application and post or email all the documents together.

9. Processing documents sent after the initial request for a retest with special accommodations will entail a supplementary fee (see Submitting Additional Documents and Appealing the Decision of the BAMOT Unit, below).

10. Your request will be reconsidered on the basis of the documents you submitted in the past, and you will receive an answer within 25 working days.

Requests for special test accommodations, including requests for a retest with special accommodations, the submission of additional background material, and appeals, must be received by the BAMOT Unit no later than the registration deadline for the test.


2. Submitting additional documents or appealing against the BAMOT Unit’s decisions

Every applicant is entitled to one thorough review, at no extra charge, of an application to take a test with special test accommodations. In most cases, the documentation you sent is independently assessed by at least two professionals with the intention of obtaining a clear understanding of your situation and allowing you take the test under the conditions appropriate for you. Therefore, an appeal submitted without any additional information is unlikely to receive a positive response.

If you appeal against the BAMOT Unit’s decision or send additional documentation (even only one document) for a second review, your entire case will have to be reconsidered by the professional staff. For this reason, applicants who appeal a decision or who submit additional documents after the initial request are charged a supplemental fee of 220 NIS. This fee can be paid on the NITE website.

It is possible to appeal against the decision for a second time. A second appeal will only be considered if it is accompanied by an additional professional opinion.

Note: Additional documents or appeals must be posted or emailed (mutam@nite.org.il) to NITE and will only be processed if they are received by the registration deadline for your preferred test date. Appeals or additional material sent by fax will not be processed!


3. Changing your test date

If you have registered for any test and want to change the test date, you can do so by logging on to the NITE website, or by applying to the appointments center by telephone, as explained below:

  • A request for change of date received before the registration deadline for the test you are registered for is free of charge.
  • After the registration deadline for the test you are registered for, the date may be changed only after a week has elapsed from the test date. Such a change request will incur a service charge of 18% of the test fee at the date of the change.
  • If you have been authorized for special test accommodations and you request a change of date, you will need to  make a request for special test accommodations at the new date. You will need to fill out the questionnaire for an applicant (male or female) requesting a retest with special accomodations or special accomodations in an additional test, and submit it to the BAMOT unit, according to the instructions for submitting an application for special test accommodations. Further details may be found here.