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What does the PET score represent?

The PET only measures basic academic ability. The test score does not reflect intelligence, and certainly not genius. Although many IQ tests measure the same abilities as the PET, these tests measure many other abilities as well.

The assumption that an exceptional high PET score represents high intelligence is wrong and even harmful: it can make examinees “stress out” before the test, dread getting a low score, and be ashamed of their score. It can also push them to invest time and money in preparatory courses even if the faculty they are interested in does not require a high score. Be aware that most faculties require a score close to average (550), and only a few courses and faculties, such as law and medicine, require an outstandingly high score.

Since the PET score does not test intelligence, but reflects ability in domains required for academic studies, and since these abilities can be learned to some extent, a comprehensive preparation for the test can increase your grade and help prepare you for success in academic study.

It is also worth noting that the PET score does not necessarily predict a successful career. Tens of thousands of people without a high PET score, or who never even took the PET, are highly successful in their chosen professions, fulfilled, earning high salaries and achieve significant professional recognition.

Reporting scores to institutions and examinees & requests for re-evaluation

NITE’s Scoring Department deals with requests to report examinees’ results to institutions and requests to re-evaluate answer sheets. We recommend making these requests by logging on to the website with your personal information, where you will be able to access the following services:

Reporting scores to academic institutions

Your scores will be reported directly to Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Bar-Ilan University, Haifa University, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv University, the Technion and Ariel University within 45 days of the test date. Your scores will also be reported to the other institutions that you indicated on the registration form. The institutions to which NITE can report scores are listed here.

NITE does not report scores to institutions other than those listed above. Each institution is required to use the scores only as part of their own admission process. Academic institutions handle applications on the basis of scores reported to them directly by NITE.

Change requests

After registration, you may request that your score be reported to other institutions in addition to those you already requested, prevent it being reported to one or more universities (including the Technion), or request a report by email, NITE recommends doing so by logging on to the website or through the downloadable Reporting Scores to Institutions form. Save the form to your computer and send it as an email attachment to the Scoring Department, If you do not receive an acknowledgment, please contact the scoring department by telephone the day after submitting the request in order to confirm that your request has been received.

Change requests are free of charge.

After a score report request is submitted, the scores will be available to institutions. The scores are retrieved by the institutions within seven working days. There is no possibility of shortening the reporting time.

Reporting scores to examinees

Within 45 days of the test date, around the date that the score is reported to academic institutions, you will be able to check your score by logging on to the NITE website with the personal details (ID number or foreign passport number, and password) with which you are registered on the website. Your score will also be emailed to you.

If you opted out of email notification, the score will be sent by Israel Post.

The report includes the following details:

1. The score in each of the three test domains: verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, and English.

2. The three final PET scores, based on different weightings of the three per-domain scores, as explained above.

  • Every report is accompanied by an Explanatory Leaflet.
  • The scores for all examinees on a particular date are calculated simultaneously. There is no way to report any one examinee’s scores before the others.
  • NITE does not report scores by telephone or fax.

Within three months of the test date you may request an extra copy of the score report to be mailed to you free of charge. After this period NITE recommends ordering copies on the website or with the downloadable Credit Card Payment form. Save the form to your computer and send it as an email attachment to Please contact the Scoring Department by telephone the day after submitting the request to confirm that the request has been received.

Requesting answer sheet re-evaluation

The answer sheets are read by an optical scanner. This method is extremely accurate, but NITE offers manual re-evaluation of answer sheets. The writing assignment is not re-evaluated, but a check is performed that the evaluation results were correctly entered.

There is a service charge for re-evaluation, but if the re-evaluation confirms that an error occurred in scanning the answer sheet, this charge will be refunded. Past experience shows that errors are extremely unlikely. If you want to request your answer sheet to be re-evaluated, we recommend doing so by logging on to the website, or with the downloadable Credit Card Payment for Answer Sheet Re-evaluation form.

Save the form to your computer and send it as an email attachment to Please contact the Scoring Department by telephone the day after submitting the request to confirm that the request has been received. Requests for answer sheet re-evaluation may be made up to three months after the test date. We will respond seven working days after the request and payment are received.