What is Compumetry?

Compumetry is a CD-ROM developed by NITE that enables prospective Psychometric Entrance Test examinees to test themselves.

Please note: the test on the “Compumetry” CD-ROM is in the previous format (used until July 2012). Copies of this CD still remain in stores (they are part of the Psichometri Mikol Habechinot pack, which is also in the previous format).

The questions are presented in three sections, each of which tests one of the domains assessed by the Psychometric Entrance Test: Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, and English.

“Compumetry” is an adaptive test: the user is initially presented with several questions of medium difficulty and as the test continues, the software continuously gauges the user’s capabilities based on his or her answers to the questions presented up to that point and picks the next question accordingly. By adjusting the difficulty of the questions to suit the user’s capabilities, the program can estimate a score using relatively few questions.

For example, a user who knows English well will be asked more difficult questions than a user with less knowledge of English.

It is important to note that it is possible that users will be asked different questions - this will be taken into account when their scores are calculated, and those scores will be comparable.


“Compumetry” Scores

Once a “Compumetry” user has answered all of the questions, he or she will be given a score in each of the domains as well as a General Score. The scores in the domains are on a scale from 50 to 250 and the General Score is on a scale of 200 to 800, just like on the regular PET.

Can a User Reconstruct a “Compumetry” Test?

The program cannot save any information from a user’s test, and therefore, once the test is over, there is no way to reconstruct the questions presented to the user, the possible answers, the user’s scores, or any other detail of the test.

Can One Take the “Compumetry” Test More than Once?

One can take the “Compumetry” test an unlimited number of times. But because the program presents questions according to the user’s capabilities, it is reasonable to expect that some of the same questions will appear on subsequent tests. Taking the “Compumetry” test again does not replicate the initial testing situation in which the user sees the questions for the first time and therefore, the calculations of estimated scores on the PET become increasingly less accurate.

How Should One Prepare to Practice with “Compumetry”?

To get the most out of “Compumetry”, one should take it as though it were a real test:

  • Read the materials distributed by the National Institute for Testing and Evaluation: material on this website, the Guide for Examinees that is part of the Registration Kit, and the collection of Practice Psychometric Entrance Tests; in this way, you will become familiar with the types of questions on the test.
  • It is recommended that you allot yourself about two hours for the test (you cannot stop the test in the middle and begin again).
  • Take the test in a quiet and secluded place.
  • Have pencils, draft paper, and the Symbols & Formulas page that explains mathematical concepts readily available.
  • Answer the questions in sequence. Take short breaks only after completing the questions in one domain and before beginning the next domain.

Operating instructions and sample questions are presented to the user during the test.

Using the CD-ROM is extremely simple and requires no prior knowledge or experience with computers.

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