Summons for Retesting

During the test evaluation, routine checks are made to confirm that every examinee’s score is a faithful reflection of his or her ability.
Sometimes NITE has difficulty assessing a test score because of exceptional or inconsistent results or on account of technical issues.

If doubt arises concerning the reliability of a test for whatever reason, the examinee will be summoned for a retest at NITE’s Jerusalem office, and the test score will be frozen until the issue is settled. After the retest NITE will take a decision concerning further treatment of the case. The summons for retest is normally sent in writing to the examinees in question within six weeks of the test date, but may be sent later.

In addition, in every case in which information discovered by or brought to the attention of NITE casts doubt for any reason upon the reliability of any score reported to an examinee (usually as the result of evidence uncovered during subsequent tests taken by the examinee, or information provided to NITE by external sources, the majority of which are institutions of higher education), NITE reserves the right - during every test administration date - to freeze or disqualify that score and to summon the examinee to a retest to clarify the matter (and when relevant, to notify the institutions of higher education that the score which NITE originally reported to them has been disqualified).