Requesting Test File Re-evaluation

The computer program used for the YAELNET is highly reliable and errors in calculating scores are extremely rare, but NITE offers interested examinees the opportunity to request a re-evaluation of their test file. The essay is not re-evaluated, but a check is performed that the evaluation results were correctly entered.

There is a service charge for re-evaluation. If the re-evaluation confirms that an error indeed occurred during the scanning of the answer sheet, you will receive a full refund. Past experience shows that these errors are extremely rare.

You may request that your test file be re-evaluated by logging onto the NITE website: choose the appropriate test date, and then, in the section labeled “Scores”, select “Request for a Re-evaluation”.

You may submit a request up to three months after the test date. We will respond within seven working days of receiving the request and payment.

Alternatively, you may download the Credit Card Payment for Answer Sheet Re-evaluation form and send it as an email attachment to Please contact the Scoring Department by telephone the day after submitting the request in order to confirm that it has been received.