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Reporting Scores to Examinees

You may access your score on this website within 7-10 days, around the date that it is reported to academic institutions, after logging on with your personal information: ID number and password.

The report includes the following details:

  • The score in each of the two sections: multiple-choice questions and essay.
  • The YAELNET General score, calculated as a weighted average of the two per-section scores.

Every report is accompanied by an Explanatory Leaflet.

  • The scores for all examinees on a particular date are calculated simultaneously. There is no way to report any one examinee’s scores before the others.
  • NITE does not report scores by telephone or fax.

Requesting Test Re-evaluation

NITE offers manual re-evaluation of answer sheets. The essay is not re-evaluated, but a check is performed that the evaluation results were correctly entered.

There is a service charge for re-evaluation, but if the re-evaluation confirms that an error occurred, this charge will be refunded. Past experience shows that errors are extremely unlikely. If you want to request your answer sheet to be re-evaluated, we recommend doing so by logging on to the website, or with the downloadable Credit Card Payment for Test Re-evaluation form. Save the form to your computer and send it as an email attachment to Please contact the Scoring Department by telephone the day after submitting the request to confirm that the request has been received.

Requests for answer sheet re-evaluation may be made up to three months after the test date.

We will respond seven working days after the request and payment are received.


Summons for Retesting

During the test evaluation, routine checks are made to confirm that every examinee’s score is a faithful reflection of his or her ability. Sometimes NITE has difficulty assessing a test score because of exceptional or inconsistent results or on account of technical issues. If doubt arises concerning the reliability of a test for whatever reason - including those mentioned above - the examinee will be summoned for a retest at NITE’s Jerusalem office, and the test score will be frozen until the question is settled. After the retest NITE will take a decision concerning further treatment of the case.

The summons for retest is normally sent in writing to the affected examinees within six weeks of the test date, but may be sent later.