Information for Examinees Registering for the YAELNET Test Via the NITE Website

This page details the registration procedures for the YAELNET test. You should read all the information carefully. During registration you will be asked to confirm that you have read the procedures, including NITE’s privacy policy.

General Information

Anyone with an Israeli identity document or valid passport can register to take the YAELNET test. It is essential that you bring with you to the test the document that you used when registering. You will not be permitted to take the test without showing your identity card.

NITE reserves the right to pursue any course of action it deems appropriate in cases where it suspects that an examinee has registered for the test for a purpose other than that for which the test was designed and/or because of external motivations.

It is forbidden to register for the test in order to infringe on NITE’s proprietary rights. This includes copying, disclosing, or conveying test items, whether to provide instruction and preparation for the test or for any other purpose.

Testing Frequency

You may take the YAELNET as often as you like. At the same time, you must wait at least 35 days before taking the test again. This waiting period applies between two YAELNET tests or between a YAELNET and a YAEL, or vice-versa. If you do not wait 35 days to take another test, your test will be invalidated and you will not be entitled to a refund. If your test is invalidated, you will have to wait at least 35 days from the date of the invalidated test before you can take a Hebrew proficiency test (YAEL or YAELNET) again.

Validity of the Test Scores

According to the policies of the educational institutions, the scores on the YAELNET test are valid for a minimum of seven (7) years.
Typically, educational institutions will use a candidate’s highest score, but you should confirm that this is the case for the institution of your choice.

Registration Procedures

Registering for the test via the NITE website must be done at least five (5) days before your requested test date and in accordance with the registration procedures described below.

Make sure that the personal details provided during registration, including your email address, are correct.

On the form, you will be asked to fill in your 9-digit Israeli ID number. If you do not have an Israeli ID card but have an Israeli passport or Immigrant Card (Teudat Oleh), copy the ID number from that document.
If you do not have any of these means of identification, you may type in your foreign passport number. Use the last 8 digits of your passport number. If your passport number has fewer than 8 digits, fill in the blank spaces on the left with zeroes.
Make sure that you use the same identity or passport number that you used to register for the YAELNET test to register at the educational institution of your choice.

You must pay the test fee, as listed on the NITE website, when you register for the test.

A confirmation will be issued when the registration process is complete. A registration form that is not recorded in the system (for whatever reason) will not be accepted. We therefore recommend registering in advance and not waiting until the last minute. Information on changing a test date or canceling registration appears below.

Test Dates

During the process of registering for the YAELNET on the NITE website, you may choose the date on which you want to take the test, but you cannot choose the hour at which the test will be given.

Test Locations and Conditions

You may register to take the test at any of the NITE test centers listed on the registration form. The test will be given on a computer at one of the designated test stations.

During the test, use of the following is strictly prohibited: calculators (including those on wristwatches), clocks (including stopwatches) that produce sound, smart watches, cellular telephones, other communication devices, laptops and electronic instruments of any kind, dictionaries, books, papers, or any other study aids.
Smoking is prohibited in all the test centers.

Tests with Special Accommodations

Applicants with medical, physical, psychiatric, or learning disabilities, attention disorders or ASD, may submit a request for special test accommodations according to these instructions. It is not possible to take the test with special accommodations at the educational institutions.

Test Notification

After your registration is recorded in the system, a test notification will be sent to the email address you provided, and you will be able to access your registration details by logging onto the NITE site.

You are responsible for verifying the accuracy of the information that appears on your test notification (name, ID number or passport number, test date, and test location). If any of these details are incorrect, fix them immediately by logging onto the site or by telephoning the NITE Registration Center.

Changing Your Test Date or Test Location

If you registered for a specific date and you want to change it, you may do so by logging onto the website within five (5) days of the test at no charge. After that, registration will be closed and you will not be able to make any changes to your registration until ten days after the test is given. An examinee who does not take the test as scheduled may log onto the website to pick a new date, as long as there is room available. Changing a test date or a test location after the original test date you were assigned will entail a service charge of 18% of the current test fee.

Canceling Registration

If you wish to cancel your registration for the test, you may do so by logging onto the NITE website. Your test fee will be reimbursed after a service charge has been deducted, as prescribed by law. Unless otherwise specified by law, if you submit a request up to five (5) days before the test, the service fee will be 30% of the test fee; if your request is received later than that, the service fee will be 45% of the test fee.

The computerized system will be able to accept cancellations until three days before the test and again starting ten days after the test is given.

Test Scores

Your score will be sent directly to Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Bar-Ilan University, Haifa University, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv University, the Technion, Ariel University and the Open University of Israel within 10 days of the test date. Your score will also be sent to the other institutions that you indicated on the registration form.

You will also be able to see your score by logging onto the NITE website and may download your score sheet as a file to your computer at any time, at no charge.
Test scores will not be sent to examinees by email.

The score you receive at the end of the test should not be considered final until NITE reports the score to the educational institutions and uploads it to your personal account on the website.

For more information on YAELNET scores, click here

Requesting a Reevaluation of Your Test File

The computer program used for the YAELNET is highly reliable and errors in calculating scores are extremely rare, but NITE offers interested examinees the opportunity to request a re-evaluation of their test file. The essay is not re-evaluated, but a check is performed that the evaluation results were correctly entered.

There is a service charge for re-evaluation. If the re-evaluation confirms that an error in calculating your score indeed occurred, you will receive a full refund. You may request that your test file be re-evaluated by logging onto the NITE website, or by sending an answer sheet re-evaluation form to the Scoring Department. You may submit a request up to three months after the test date.

For more information on submitting a request for reevaluation of your test file, click here.

Inquiries and Complaints about the Test

Any complaint regarding the test should be addressed in writing to the Customer Relations Bureau, via the NITE website, within one week of the test date. A complaint received later than this will not be processed, in part because of the difficulty of conducting a check of a test administration long after it occurred.

Compromising the Integrity of the Test and Cheating

NITE views very seriously any attempt to compromise the integrity of its tests, including any behavior that infringes on the confidentiality of the test or the use of its results. We also view very seriously any attempt to obtain a score by illegal means, such as copying during the test or impersonating someone else. Among other things, cheating may lead to situations in which unsuitable candidates are accepted, sometimes even at the expense of other candidates who are better qualified. The National Institute for Testing and Evaluation has methods for detecting cheating and attempts to compromise test integrity, and reserves the right to react to such situations using all means at its disposal and at its discretion. These may include:

  1. Invalidating the test
  2. Prohibiting an examinee from taking any test administered by NITE for a period of 12 months
  3. Filing a civil suit
  4. Submitting a complaint to university or college disciplinary committees

Please note: Impersonating another person (such as sending someone to take the test in your place) is a criminal offense. If someone is suspected of committing such an offense, a complaint will be filed with the police and with university disciplinary committees.

Summons for Retesting

During the scoring process, NITE conducts routine checks to ensure that each examinee’s scores accurately reflect his or her ability. Sometimes these procedures turn up irregular findings that could be the result, for example, of inconsistencies or technological problems that make it difficult to calculate a score.

Any time there is a difficulty in calculating a score or any doubt about a test result, that examinee will be summoned to retake the test at NITE’s offices in Jerusalem, and his or her test scores will be withheld until the matter has been resolved. Only after an examinee is retested will NITE decide how to proceed.

A written summons for retesting is generally sent to such examinees within six weeks of the test date; however, it may also be issued at a later date.

In addition, in every case in which information discovered by or brought to the attention of NITE casts doubt for any reason upon the reliability of any score reported to an examinee (usually as the result of evidence uncovered during subsequent tests taken by the examinee, or information provided to NITE by external sources, the majority of which are institutions of higher education), NITE reserves the right - during every test administration date - to freeze or disqualify that score and to summon the examinee to a retest to clarify the matter (and when relevant, to notify the institutions of higher education that the score which NITE originally reported to them has been disqualified).

In addition, in response to any attempt at cheating, copying, or receiving a score through illegal means, NITE has the authority to prohibit the examinee from taking any test it administers for a period of 12 months.