Registration for the YAELNET Test

Registering on the NITE website

Anyone interested in taking the YAELNET may register for the test on the NITE website. Tests for those who register via the site will be administered at one of the NITE Test Centers across Israel.
Note: Please register to study in your selected institutions of higher education using the same identity number or passport number that you use to register for the test.

It is recommended that you carefully read the Registration Procedures before you register. During the registration process, you will be asked to confirm that you read those procedures.
To register for the test on the NITE website, click here

Registering via an institution of higher education where the test is administered

From time to time, the YAELNET is administered at institutions of higher education throughout Israel. To learn how to register for a test administered at an institution, please contact that institution.
Information for examinees who are registered to take the test at an institution of higher education