Preparing for the YAELNET Test

The YAELNET is designed for examinees who took the Psychometric Entrance Test (PET) in a language other than Hebrew. The test is very similar to the YAEL Test but is computerized. No knowledge of computers is required to take the test.

The test lasts about an hour and a half and comprises third sections. The first two sections contain multiple-choice questions, the answers for which are marked in the computer. The third section is an essay, which is handwritten on the answer sheet provided to examinees.

The types of questions on the YAELNET are identical to those that appear on the YAEL Test (which is not computerized), and the time allotted is the same as that allotted to the YAEL. You may access YAEL practice tests and use them to answer questions like those that appear on the YAELNET.

Explanations about the test software

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