Guidelines for Those Taking the Stand-Alone YAEL Test:

Before, during and after the Test

Before the Test

Familiarize yourself in advance with the test format and the types of questions included. You can find this information here. We recommend practicing by answering tests from previous years. You can find sample tests here.

Prepare everything that you need to bring to the test:

  • The ID card with which you registered for the test (ID card or passport) - you will not be allowed to take the test without it.
  • Two pencils, a pencil sharpener and an eraser.


We also recommend that you bring:

  • Your test notification slip, to confirm the exact time and place of the test.
  • Food and drink. The YAEL test is only one and a half hours long, so you will not need to provide enough food to last a long time, but you may bring a bottle of water and snacks. Please avoid food that could disturb others as you eat or unwrap it.
  • Simple earplugs, if required. Earplugs connected with a string are not permitted.
  • Suitable clothing - the test hall may be colder or warmer than you expected.


Make sure you know how to get to the testing center so that you do not arrive late. The test is administered on many campuses throughout the country, and the test halls are scattered across the campuses. Finding your way around campus is not always easy and may take longer than you expected. It is therefore important to find out exactly where on campus your test will take place, how best to reach the campus (by car or public transport), where to park and how to get from the parking area (or transport station) to the test hall. The homepages of the academic institutions where the test is administered feature directions and campus maps. The maps also appear on the NITE website.

Once you have found your test hall, check that your name appears on the list posted on the door. If your name is not on the list, let the proctors know immediately. Do not enter the room until the proctors give you permission to do so.

You may not use the following devices during the test: cellular telephones (not even for checking the time), walkie-talkies, cameras, recording devices, earphones, computers, tablets, calculators, watches that beep or that have calculators, portable music players or any other item that might disturb other examinees in the test hall. When you enter the test hall, you will be asked to turn off all electronic devices, to place them in your bag and to put your bag in a designated area of the room. You must turn off telephones and watch alarms to prevent them from making noises and causing a disturbance during the test. You may not use dictionaries, books, papers, or any other study aids during the test. If you need scrap paper, you may only use the pages of the test booklet itself. Anyone found with an electronic device or prohibited study aid in his or her possession during the test will be asked to leave the test hall immediately.

The test is approximately one and a half hours long. There are no breaks. No visitors will be allowed into the test halls during the test, and no messages will be passed to examinees.

קבוצה גדולה של סטודנטים לומדים בכיתה

During the Test

Pay attention to the proctors’ instructions and follow them exactly.

Before the beginning of the test, the proctors will pass out the test booklet and answer sheet. The test booklet contains four sections: three multiple-choice sections and an essay question. The answer sheet has two sides. One side is for entering the answers to the multiple-choice questions and the other side is for writing your essay.

The proctors will announce when you can open the booklet and begin the test, when you need to stop filling out the answer sheet, and when you need to move on to the next section. You may not change any answer on the answer sheet after the allotted time for that section, and you may not turn back to a previous section or skip ahead to a later section before you are instructed to do so, even if you have spare time. If you fail to follow these instructions, you will be disqualified.

You may not leave the room during the test. An examinee who needs the restroom must raise a hand and wait for a proctor to accompany them. Restroom breaks do not stop the clock for that examinee. Examinees will not be permitted to leave the room for any other purpose (e.g. for a smoke break or to buy food and drink).

Maintain suitable decorum during the test. Treat the proctors and the other examinees with respect. Do not make a noise or cause any other kind of disturbance during the test. If you need to get a proctor’s attention, raise your hand.