Registration for Examinees Taking the YAEL Test

Following the Psychometric Entrance Test

Special Test Accommodations

Examinees who are granted special test accommodations for the Psychometric Entrance Test (PET) in languages other than Hebrew will not be permitted to take the YAEL Test on the same test date as they take the PET. Taking the PET in languages other than Hebrew with special test accommodations entitles the examinee to take a Hebrew proficiency test (YAELNET) with special test accommodations at no extra charge at one of NITE’s testing centers. Those examinees who take the PET with special test accommodations will receive written notification of their registration for the YAELNET. The letter will contain instructions regarding test date, testing center and special test accommodations.

Additional Information

The educational institutions that receive your test scores are entitled to receive information regarding the conditions under which the test was administered. Your application for special accommodations constitutes permission for NITE to disclose such information.

שורת נבחנים באולם בחינה

Reporting Test Scores

Reporting Test Scores to the Educational Institutions

Your scores will be reported directly to Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Bar-Ilan University, Haifa University, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv University, the Technion, Ariel University and the Open University of Israel within 45 days of the test date. Your scores will also be reported to the other institutions that you selected on the registration form. The institutions to which NITE can report scores are listed here. NITE does not report test scores to educational institutions other than those listed, or those specified on your registration form. All of the institutions guarantee that the scores will be used solely for their own admissions purposes. The educational institutions process candidates’ applications on the basis of the scores reported directly to them by NITE. Candidates cannot report their scores themselves.

Reporting Test Scores to the Examinee

Within 45 days of the test administration, around the same time the scores are reported to the institutions, your scores will be available on the NITE website. To access your scores, you will need the ID number or foreign passport number with which you registered for the test, and associated password. Your scores will also be emailed to you.

Please note the following points before contacting NITE with regard to your scores:

  • All scores for examinees tested on a particular test date are calculated on the same day and no individual score can be issued in advance of this date.
  • NITE does not release test scores by telephone.
  • An additional copy of test scores can be mailed to examinees at no extra charge for a period of three months following the test administration.
  • NITE does not commit to reporting scores to institutions or examinees before the registration deadline for the next test date.

Requests for Changes to Score Reporting

If, after registration, you wish your scores to be reported to different institutions from those indicated during registration, or wish to prevent your scores from being reported to one or more of the institutions, or do not wish to receive them via email, you may request this via NITE’s website (recommended) or by sending an email to the Scoring Department. There is no fee for this service. It is your responsibility to ensure that you receive written confirmation of the request from the Scoring Department.

Requests for Reevaluation of the Test Answer Sheet

Test answer sheets are read by an optical scanner. This method is extremely accurate. Nevertheless, you have the right to request that your answer sheet be reevaluated. The reevaluation is conducted manually. The reevaluation does not include a reassessment of the writing task, but only verifies that all of the scoring details were recorded accurately.

A fee is charged for this procedure. However, if it is discovered that an error did occur in processing the answer sheet, this fee will be refunded.

A request for reevaluation can be submitted via the website or by sending an email to the Scoring Department. You are entitled to request a reevaluation for up to three months after the test date. The results of the reevaluation will be sent to you within seven working days after receipt of the request and payment.