Psychometric Tests Administered Overseas

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The registration procedures for the overseas Psychometric Entrance Test appear below. You should read all the information carefully. During registration you will be asked to confirm that you have read all the procedures, including NITE’s privacy policy.


General Information

The Psychometric Entrance Test is administered overseas once a year. Anyone who holds an Israeli identity card or a valid passport is eligible to take the Psychometric Entrance Test. It is essential that you bring to the test the document that you used when registering.

There is no limit to the number of times you may take the Psychometric Entrance Test, and you may take it in consecutive test administrations.
Registering for the Psychometric Entrance Test administered by the National Institute for Testing and Evaluation (NITE) and applying to an educational institution are two separate procedures.

Applying to an educational institution does not constitute registration for the Psychometric Entrance Test; similarly, registering for the test does not constitute application to an educational institution.

It is not necessary to apply to an educational institution in order to take the test. You need to take the test only once, even if you are applying to more than one educational institution; your scores will be forwarded to all the institutions of your choice (see below for more details).

NITE reserves the right to pursue any course of action it deems appropriate in cases where it suspects that an examinee has registered for the test for a purpose other than that for which the test was designed and/or because of external motivations.

It is forbidden to register for the test in order to infringe on NITE’s proprietary rights. This includes copying, disclosing, or conveying test items, whether to provide instruction and preparation for the test or for any other purpose.


Test Score Validity Period

The Psychometric Entrance Test scores are valid for admission purposes to educational institutions for at least seven (7) years. Therefore, there is no need to delay taking the test until immediately before applying to an institution. For more details, refer to the publications and websites of the institutions.

In most cases, the institutions will use an examinee’s highest score, but NITE recommends that you confirm this with each particular institution.


Registration Procedures

To register for the test, complete the Registration Form for Overseas Tests. To print the registration form, click here.
Registration for the test is contingent on payment of the test fees indicated below. Registration must be completed before the registration deadline that appears on the registration form, and in accordance with the registration procedures below.

Information with regard to changing a test location or test date, or to cancel registration appears below.

NOTE: Discharged soldiers should contact the Guidance Unit for Discharged Soldiers for instructions on how to pay the registration fees by means of the personal deposit.

Completing the Form

It is important to complete all parts of the registration form accurately, including your e-mail address. Fill in your identity number as it appears on your ID Card (Teudat Zehut) or Immigrant Card (Teudat Oleh).

  • Write the control digit in the separate box. If you do not know your control digit, leave this box blank. If your identity number consists of fewer than 8 digits, fill in your identity number beginning with the box furthest to the right; fill in the remaining boxes to the left with zeros.
  • If you do not have an Israeli identity document but do have an Israeli passport, fill in the ID number that appears in your passport. Do not write your passport number.
  • If you do not have an Israeli identity number, an Israeli passport, or an Immigrant Card, fill in the last 8 digits of your foreign passport number. If your passport number has fewer than 8 digits, fill in the spaces on the left with zeros. (Leave the control digit box blank).

A form submitted without an identity number or foreign passport number will not be processed.

NOTE: When applying to an educational institution, ensure that you use the same ID number as the one that appears on the Psychometric Entrance Test registration form.



After filling in the registration form, sign it and make the payment by bank transfer to NITE’s bank account:

Account Number 92166
Bank Hapoalim 12 - 690
Main Branch, Jerusalem

The fee for tests administered outside Israel is: NIS 790 / US$ 210 / € 200.

A copy of the bank transfer, must be enclosed with the registration form. Registration forms sent without proof of payment will not be processed.


Mailing the Form

The form should be mailed according to the instructions appearing in the top right-hand corner of the form. Keep in mind that payment of the test fee does not constitute registration for the test (the bank does not forward your personal data to NITE). Your registration is processed only after the form is received at NITE. Do not send the registration form by fax.

NOTE: Your registration form must reach NITE by the registration deadline stipulated for the test administration date for which you are registering. If the form arrives after the deadline, it will not be processed.