How Are MOR and MIRKAM Scores Calculated?

The final score in the MOR and MIRKAM systems is calculated from the score in the assessment center (55% weighting), the score in the Shaul questionnaire (15% weighting) and the score in the personal/biographical questionnaire (30% weighting). Scores range from 150 to 250. The mean score is 200, with a standard deviation of 20.

Link to the Scoring Department’s leaflet which is attached to the score sent to candidates

The score in the MOR and MIRKAM systems is calculated relatively to the population of examinees in each year, and reflects the candidate’s grading relative to other candidates. A low score does not necessarily mean that the candidate is unsuitable for medical school, but only that the candidate’s grading is lower than that of other candidates. It is important to remember that the population of candidates for medical school is extremely highly skilled, and every year many excellent candidates are rejected.