Registration Procedures - MOR & MIRKAM

Information on the Test

Test Conditions

Filling out the personal/biographical questionnaire takes place in university test halls with standard seating facilities. As at any university, these halls vary in terms of size, seating facilities, etc. (for example, there may be either chairs with writing boards, or tables and chairs). Candidates are required to take the test in the lecture hall to which they are assigned.

During the test, use of the following is strictly prohibited: calculators (including those on wristwatches), clocks (including stopwatches) that make sounds, cellular telephones, other communication devices, laptops and electronic instruments of any kind, dictionaries, books, papers or any other study aids. There is a tight schedule at the assessment center, and examinees are required to transition rapidly between stations. The staff of the educational institutions, MSR, or NITE will be available to direct and assist examinees.

Air conditioning systems will be in operation throughout the assessment day - please dress accordingly.

Smoking is prohibited in all the examination halls.

Filming at the Assessment Station at MSR (the Israel Center for Medical Simulation)

Video cameras are installed at a number of the assessment stations at MSR to record the proceedings. At the beginning of the assessment day examinees assigned to MSR will be required to sign a consent form for filming. All film clips will remain confidential and will be used only for purposes of instruction and research. The clips will not be used as part of the process of accepting or rejecting candidates.