Preparing for the Test & Practice Tests - MITAM

Guidelines for Answering the Test Questions

Each section of the MITAM test appears in a separate test booklet. Examinees should fill in their answers inside the test booklet, in pencil only.

In multiple-choice questions, examinees should draw a circle around the number of the correct answer. Take care to mark the answer clearly and only mark one answer. A question with more than one answer marked will be counted as incorrect.

In the focused-open questions, examinees should write a brief and concise answer, within the allotted space marked in the test booklet. Answers should be written in Hebrew only.

Points are not deducted for an incorrect answer, so even if you are not sure of the correct answer it is always worth answering every question. Each question has the same weight in the calculation of your score.

Note that the use of study aids or other material during the MITAM test is strictly forbidden. This includes the use of calculators, lists of formulas, or dictionaries of any kind. For the convenience of examinees, translations or explanations will be provided for certain terms in the scientific passages on psychology. The use of markers in the test is permitted.

Practice Tests

Practice test 1

Practice test 2

Practice test 3