Test Format & Components - MITAM

The MITAM test consists of two sections:

Section 1: Knowledge and comprehension of statistics and research methods in psychology

This section includes about 30 questions, some multiple-choice and some focused-open questions testing knowledge and comprehension of the following topics: use of statistical tools in psychological research, psychological research methods, and critical assessment of psychological studies. Some of the questions in this area consist of groups of questions all relating to a given description of a research project.

Time allotted: 100 minutes

Break: 30 minutes


Section 2: Comprehension of scientific texts in psychology

This section includes about 40 multiple-choice questions related to three texts in English. Each text is based on an article in a particular area of psychology. This section tests the examinee’s skills in reading scientific articles in the original language, comprehension, and ability to make connections with the material studied for the Bachelor’s degree. Since the objective of this section is not to test knowledge of English, a glossary is provided with the Hebrew translations of words that are essential for understanding the text.

The questions associated with each text (12-15 questions per text) mostly relate to comprehension. A few cover issues in psychology that are related to the topic of the text, the answers to which are not necessarily to be found in the text. All questions in this part are multiple-choice questions.

Time allotted: 145 minutes

The times allotted to the different sections of the test may change from one test date to another. The exact times will be announced by the proctors during the test.