Registration Procedures - MERAV

This page contains information for examinees taking MERAV, the assessment center for post-graduate admission to medical schools. Please read it carefully. When paying for the test you will be asked to confirm that you have read the information below, including the privacy policy.


General Information

Examinees in the MERAV medical school assessment center must hold an Israeli identity card or valid passport. Please make sure to bring with you to the test the document that you used when registering.

Test Score Validity

According to medical school policy, the scores in MERAV are valid for admissions for a period of three years. For example, the scores of a candidate who sat the test in 2016 were valid for admissions in 2016, 2017, and 2018. If a candidate sat the test more than once within a three year period, the highest of their scores will be used in the admissions process. For more information, refer to the medical schools’ own handbooks and websites.

Test Languages

Since the admission requirements for medical school include the ability to understand and use Hebrew, the schools have determined that the MERAV assessment center will be conducted in Hebrew only. However, it is worth noting that MERAV does not include an assessment of linguistic ability, and so such ability will not be taken into account when evaluating candidates.

Candidates who graduated from a high school and university with a language of instruction other than Hebrew are entitled to submit a request to the university to which they are applying for an extension of the time allocated for the analytical reasoning test. This request should be accompanied by official certification from the institutions they attended. If the university authorizes their request, they will be granted a half-hour extension in the analytical reasoning test.


Registration for the Test


The educational institutions determine which candidates for medical school will be assigned to the assessment center.

The MERAV center consists of two sections. The first section is a test of Analytical Reasoning administered by NITE - the National Institute for Testing and Evaluation. The summons for this part of the test will be sent by NITE to the email address submitted by candidates during registration. The second section of MERAV includes filling out a personal/biographical questionnaire and participation in an assessment center. The summons for this section will be sent by NITE to the same email address. Candidates who have valid scores from an earlier MERAV test may choose whether to retake the assessment center, the personal/biographical questionnaire, or both. The Analytical Reasoning Test and filling out the personal/biographical questionnaire will take place at Tel Aviv University, Bar Ilan University or Ariel University. The assessment center will take place at MSR - the Israel Center for Medical Simulation at Sheba Medical Center at Tel Hashomer (the same location as the MOR assessment center).

Initial summons to both sections will be sent about a month before the test date to the email address submitted during registration. Examinees are responsible for ensuring that the test dates do not clash with other commitments such as travel abroad or army reserve duty.

In most cases, medical school candidates who register for both four-year and six-year programs and are allocated to the second section of MERAV will participate in the MERAV assessment center.

A candidate who is allocated by mistake to both the four-year and six-year assessment centers should inform the NITE Registration Center immediately. It is an examinee’s responsibility not to participate in more than one assessment center. An examinee who participates in more than one assessment center will not be entitled to a refund, and only the earlier score will be taken into account.

Note: examinees must attend on both of their assigned test dates. Examinees are requested to arrive punctually at the appointed time.

Allocation to Test Days

Detailed information on the dates of each section of the test appears on the NITE website.

Candidates summoned to the first section of the MERAV center - the Analytical Reasoning Test - will receive an email including a link to the center’s website, where they can choose to take the test at Tel Aviv University, Bar Ilan University or Ariel University. The number of examinees at each site is limited. When all places at a test site are filled, the system will not allow it to be selected. After selection of a test site and payment of the fee, the site will display the exact location and time for the test.

Examinees allocated to the second stage of the MERAV center - questionnaire and assessment center - will be sent an email including a link to the center’s website, where they can choose to take the test at Tel Aviv University, Bar Ilan University or Ariel University. They may also select a group of dates and times for the assessment center. When all places for a group are filled, the system will not allow it to be selected.