Preparing for the Array & Sample Questions - MERAV

The MERAV system assesses behavioral skills and personal characteristics. During the test you should answer the assessors’ questions precisely and clearly and act naturally. Reciting prepared answers is liable to interfere with the assessment. It is important to stress that acting and speaking skills are not what is being assessed and the assessors are trained not to take them into account in their assessments.

Acquaintance with the format of the test, the types of stations it includes, and the content that comes up can assist examinees, both by reducing tension and making them better prepared. In order to assist with this, and in the interests of standardization and a level playing field for all candidates, NITE publishes all the items from tests in previous years.

Summary of assignments from previous years

A survey conducted by NITE among medical school candidates showed that they used a wide variety of methods to prepare for the test (preparatory courses, group preparation, practice using tests published on the NITE website, internet forums and more). No preparation method had a clear advantage over the others with respect to improving their scores.