English Level Placement Test

Note: Examinees who take an English level placement test after May 1, 2024 will take it in the new format - AMIRNET.

To register for the test on the NITE website, click here.
NOTE: You must wait at least 35 days before taking another English level placement (AMIRAM or AMIRNET). If you do not wait 35 days to take another test, your test will be invalidated and you will not be entitled to a refund. If your test is invalidated, you will have to wait at least 35 days from the date of the invalidated test before you can take another English level placement test.
Within 10 days of the test date, you will be able to see your score by logging onto the NITE website. You may also download your score sheet as a file to your computer at any time, at no charge. Test scores will not be sent to examinees by email.



    A test of English knowledge that is given by computer and is used by academic institutions for placement purposes.