FAQs – AMIRNET with Special Test Accommodations

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Why can't I take the test on the original date I requested when I registered?

Every request for special accommodations is deal with individually. Therefore, the process involved – reviewing the request and validating the documents, granting the accommodations, and making logistical arrangements for the test – is long and complex and we cannot commit to completing it by the date you selected when registering for the test.
Only after the Special Test Accommodations Unit completes the review of your request can you log onto the site and chose a test date on which you can receive your approved accommodations. Thus, we recommend submitting the request and accompanying documents as early as possible.

I want to change my test date after my special accommodations are approved. What do I have to do?

You may log onto the website up to four days before your test date and change the date without incurring a service charge. After that, the registration system will be closed to changes and you will not be able to change your registration until a few days after the test is given.
When you choose a new test date, you'll have the option of choosing a date on which you will receive your approved accommodations.

I need to change my test date, but it's scheduled to take place within the next few days. Is it still possible to do this?

You can change your test date up to four days before the test without incurring a service charge. If you cannot take the test on your test date, you can change your test date by logging onto the site several days after the test date you were originally assigned. Changing your test date will entail a service charge of approximately 18% of the test fee on the day of your request.

I was given accommodations on the Bagrut, at college, or at university. Does that mean I will get them here, too?

Possibly, but not necessarily. The AMIRNET test differs from the Bagrut and from other tests in terms of content, format, purpose, and even the types of accommodations available. Therefore, accommodations approved by other institutions may be different to those approved for AMIRNET.

What accommodations can be received for the AMIRNET?

Possible special test accommodations can be found here.

I cannot take the test using a computer. What should I do?

Examinees who cannot use a computer for any medical reason may submit a request for special accommodations and the Special Test Accommodations Unit will consider their eligibility for suitable accommodations.

I have diabetes and I brought my cellular phone to the test because it helps me monitor my blood sugar levels. Can I take my phone into the test hall?

Cellular phones are not allowed into the test hall under any circumstances. Examinees with diabetes may bring a device to monitor their sugar (glucometer), such as the Freestyle Libre or Accu-Chek, without submitting a request for special accommodations, following the detailed instructions on the NITE website. When you arrive at the test hall, inform the proctor that you have such a device.
Examinees who need a cellular phone to monitor blood sugar levels must submit a request for special accommodations, according to the detailed instructions on the NITE website, and include a clear explanation of their need to use their cell phone to monitor their blood sugar levels. After receiving approval of their request, examinees may bring with them an escort who will sit outside the test hall with the examinee's cellular phone and alert them when necessary.
Under no circumstances may anyone bring a cellular phone into the test hall. Anyone found with a cellular phone in their possession during the test will be asked to leave the test hall immediately and their test will be disqualified.

I have diabetes and I received permission to bring an escort. I came without an escort. Can I leave my blood sugar level monitoring device on the proctors' table and as them to alert me to any changes in my blood sugar levels?

The NITE staff cannot monitor health conditions and is not allowed to do so. Therefore, in order to help you monitor your blood sugar levels, you should come with an escort, as stated in the letter you received from the Special Test Accommodations Unit.

I will need to take medications during the test. Can I bring them with me into the test hall?

You may bring medications into the test hall.
To check your eligibility to use medical cannabis during the test, you must submit a request to the Special Test Accommodations Unit following the instructions on the NITE website.

I received approval to listen to recordings of the AMIRNET test. Can I bring my own earphones?

It is forbidden to use your personal devices. NITE provides earphones to examinees who need them.

Can I bring a dictionary into the test hall?

It is forbidden to bring any sort of dictionary into the test hall.