Guidelines for Examinees - AMIRAM:

Before, During and After the Test

The AMIRAM test is designed for students in, or candidates to, Israeli academic institutions, including universities and academic colleges, specifically those that may want to assess students’ or candidates’ proficiency in English. This may be for the purposes of admitting candidates to academic programs, placing them in mandatory English courses, or exempting them from those courses.
The test checks the examinee’s English proficiency in the areas of reading comprehension and vocabulary. The questions on the AMIRAM are similar to those contained in the English sections of the Psychometric Entrance Test.

AMIRAM scores are on a scale of 50 to 150.

Each examinee is independently tested using a computer.

Before the beginning of the test, the instructions for taking the test will appear on the computer screen, followed by a few practice questions to make sure that the instructions are clear. There is no time limit during this stage, and the proctors will answer any questions.
The test includes three types of question: sentence completion, restatement, and reading comprehension. All the questions in the test are multiple choice: the examinee needs to choose one correct answer out of four possibilities.

Before the Test

Make sure you know in advance how to get to the test location so that you do not arrive late. If you arrive late, you will not be able to take the test! It is recommended that you arrive about half an hour before the time set for your test.
You must bring an ID card (a student card is not an acceptable substitute) and the test notification you received. If you paid for the test using a payment voucher, you must bring the original voucher with you to the test.
It is probable that while you are waiting, other examinees who were scheduled for an earlier time will be taking the test in the classroom. Please be considerate and wait quietly, and please refrain from knocking on the door while you are waiting.
When a computer becomes available, you will be asked to come in and take the test. Do not bring mobile telephones, smart watches, earphones, or any other electronic device into the classroom. It is also forbidden to bring in dictionaries, electronic dictionaries or any other study aid. You do not need scrap paper, writing implements or a watch. The allotted time will be shown on the computer monitor. Before entering the classroom switch off your mobile telephone and put it in your bag. An examinee found in possession of an electronic device during the test will be required to leave the classroom immediately.

During the Test

The proctor will enter your personal details into the test program.
During the test (and during the time spent reading the explanations and instructions) each examinee will be tested independently using the computer.
The length of the test varies, depending on how quickly each examinee works.

Time Allotted

The time for each question on the AMIRAM is allotted separately and there is no way to accumulate unused time during the test. In other words, answering a question in less than the allotted time will not give you extra time for subsequent questions.
Each question has a reasonable amount of time allotted to it and can be answered without undue haste. In the reading comprehension section there is a separate time allotment for reading the passage, and then each question has its own allotted time.
You cannot go back to a question you did not answer and you cannot skip questions.

Using the Test Program

Using the Keyboard

During the test you will use the following keys:
The keys for the digits 1 2 3 4 at the top left of the keyboard are used to choose answers to the question.

The Enter key is used to confirm the answer and go on to the next question.

The F12 key is used to hide the clock showing how much time remains to answer the question, and to display it again.

The up and down arrow keys are used for scrolling through the reading comprehension passage.

You cannot use the mouse during the test.

Changing your Answer

Until you press the Enter key, you can use the keys for the digits to select a new answer.

Confirming your Answer

Press Enter to confirm your answer.

After confirming your answer you will not be able to change it, so only press Enter after you are sure you have chosen the answer you think is correct, and before the end of the allotted time. If you select an answer before the end of the allotted time but do not press Enter, at the end of the allotted time, this answer will be considered the answer you chose.

If you do not select any answer, the question will be marked as an error.

Finishing the Test and Receiving Your Score

At the end of the test, the message “Test Over” will appear on the screen. At this point you should raise your hand and wait for a proctor to come to you. The proctor will check that the test ended properly and will show you your test score. The score that you see will not be official until about ten days after you take the test, when NITE reports it to the institution of higher education where you took the test or to the institutions that you indicated on your registration form. You may access your score by logging onto the NITE website.