AMIRAM Tryout - practice for AMIRAM examinees

In order to practice for the AMIRAM test and receive an estimated test score, you can use the app AMIRAM Tryout, which simulates the AMIRAM test.

Before running the app, note the following instructions:

  • Allow about an hour for taking the test
  • At any stage you can interrupt the test and exit the system by pressing <Esc>
  • There is no way to resume a test after exiting
  • To receive a score you need to complete all sections of the test
  • Make a note of your score: there is no way to reproduce the score and the answers you selected after leaving the system


To install the app click here and follow the instructions. Note: the app cannot be installed using Google Chrome. Please use a different browser.

After installation you can run the app by selecting “AmiramT” from the system menu or via the shortcut on the desktop.

  • There is no limit to the number of times you can use the app to take the test. However, bear in mind that the questions in the system are adapted to examinees’ ability, so if you repeat the test you are likely to come up with questions that you already saw.
  • The score in the test is only an estimate of your AMIRAM score. In any test the results are influenced by varying factors such as motivation, anxiety, and environmental conditions, so there may be a difference between your score in the tryout and your score in the actual AMIRAM test.
  • The score in the AMIRAM Tryout app is only an estimate of your expected score in the AMIRAM test and does not obligate the National Institute for Testing and Evaluation or the institution where you take the actual test.