Preparing for the Test & Practice Tests - AMIRAM

The AMIRAM test is a computerized test of proficiency in English. We recommend practicing in a similar test: AMIRAM Tryout, which includes explanations of how the questions appear in the test, how to answer them, and the time allocation.


Preparing for the test

To practice with AMIRAM Tryout click here.

You can also find examples and practice questions at the following links:

Test format & components - AMIR 

Test format & components -  the Psychometric Entrance Test


If you have not recently had the opportunity to read texts in English, we recommend refreshing your knowledge by reading during the time leading up to the test. We also recommend practicing solving questions similar to the questions in the test. Be aware that since it takes longer than a few weeks to acquire proficiency in a language, it is worth taking time to prepare for an English test and not rely on a short period of preparation.


Sample Questions

1. Sentence Completions

Questions of this type consist of sentences with a word or words missing in each. Below the sentence are four possible ways to complete the sentence. You need to choose the answer which best completes the sentence. Here is a sample question of this type:

2. Reading Comprehension

Questions of this type include a passage for you to read, followed by five questions relating to it. The questions test your ability to read and understand texts. They look at the connections between the ideas and statements expressed in the passage to be read. They will probably involve words used in the passage and details of the material, connections between different sections, drawing conclusions from the content and more. Here is a sample text with two questions:

שאלה לדוגמה 23. Restatements

In questions of this type a sentence is given, followed by four possible ways of restating the main idea of that sentence in different words. You need to choose the one restatement which best expresses the meaning of the original sentence. Here is a sample question of this type.