Does the test assess speaking and writing skills in English?

No. The test does not assess speaking or writing in English.

What is the operating principle of the AMIRAM test?

AMIRAM works on the principle of an adaptive test: at the beginning the questions that appear are moderately difficult, and from then on the program continuously assesses the examinee’s skill level on the basis of the answers given to the questions up to that point, and chooses the next question accordingly. So an examinee with a high level of skill in English will receive harder questions than an examinee with lower skills. The adjustment of the questions’ level of difficulty to the examinee’s skill level allows an accurate assessment of the level of knowledge of English with a relatively small number of questions. It is important to note that although different examinees will probably be given different questions, this is taken into account when calculating the scores, and all examinees’ scores are comparable and equivalent.

Do I need knowledge or previous experience operating a computer to take AMIRAM?

No. No knowledge or previous experience using a computer is required. The operation of the test is very simple and only a few keys need to be used. However, if you have any difficulty operating the test, you can request assistance from the proctors.

How many sections are there in AMIRAM?

The AMIRAM test is not divided into sections like the Psychometric Test. Nevertheless, the questions are arranged in groups of different types. There are three types of question in the test: • Sentence completion • Reading comprehension • Restatement Questions of any of these types may appear in more than one group in the test.

How much time does the test take?

The time taken by the test is not the same for every examinee: it depends on the individual speed of each examinee, including the time taken to read the instructions and answer the practice questions. The average time is about 60 minutes.

How much time is allocated in AMIRAM for reading the instructions and answering practice questions?

There is no time limit for reading the instructions and explanations before the test and answering practice questions. The time taken for this purpose is not part of the time allocated for the test and is not taken away from it, so you can take as much time as you need.

Is it important to answer the practice questions correctly?

No. The practice questions in AMIRAM are only there to show how to enter the answers on the computer, so it makes no difference whether your answers are right or wrong. We recommend answering at random for practice and saving your strength for the test itself.

Are there any breaks during AMIRAM?

No, there are no breaks. If you need a bathroom break between groups of questions, you will be accompanied by a proctor.

What happens at the end of the allocated time for each question on AMIRAM?

At the end of the time allocated for a question the next question appears. If you entered any answer before than, even if you did not press Enter, this answer will be confirmed automatically at the end of the allocated time. If you did not enter any answer, the question will be marked as an error.

If I don’t know the answer to a question, is it worth guessing?

In AMIRAM, a missing answer is marked as a wrong answer. So if you don’t know the correct answer, any answer, even a guess, is better than none.

Can I go back to questions I already answered?

In AMIRAM there is no way to go back to earlier questions, so you should answer carefully and be sure of your answer before going on to the next question.

How does the reading comprehension passage appear?

In reading comprehension questions the passage is displayed first for a set time. You can use the up and down arrow keys to scroll and read the whole passage. You should read the whole passage before continuing to the questions relating to it. To continue, press the Enter key. After you press Enter the questions relating to the passage will be displayed one by one. At this stage the computer screen is split into two sections: the top section shows a window containing the passage, where you can go on scrolling up and down using the arrows; the bottom section, below the passage, shows the current question.

If I want to take a retest, how long must I wait from one English screening test to another?

You must wait a minimum of 35 days between two AMIRAM tests. An examinee who takes a second test within less than 35 days will be disqualified and the test fee will not be refunded. An examinee whose test is disqualified must wait a minimum of 35 days after the disqualified test before taking another test.

Is the AMIRAM score equivalent to the AMIR score?

The AMIRAM score is equivalent to the AMIR score or the score in English in the Psychometric Test.

I took the AMIRAM test at a particular institution. Will my score be automatically recognized by another institution?

No. The law states that every academic institution is entitled to determine its own admission and screening policy. You will therefore need to confirm with a specific institution whether it will recognize the score.

I have more than one English score (AMIRAM, AMIR, English from the Psychometric Test). Which score counts? The latest? The highest? The average of my scores?

This too depends on the policy of the specific institution you applied to where you plan to study – or are already studying. You should confirm the answer with the relevant institution.

I received a score in AMIRAM. How do I know what level of English I am qualified for?

Each academic institution makes its own independent allocation to levels of English based on AMIRAM scores. At some institution there will be a table displayed outside the test all showing what AMIRAM score corresponds to what level of English course. In any case, you should apply with your score to the English teaching department of the institution where you study to find out the level that you are qualified for.

Should I bring a watch to the AMIRAM test?

You don’t need to bring a watch. During the test a clock appears in the corner of the screen, showing how much time you have left to give your answer. If the clock interferes with your concentration, you can hide it by pressing F12.

How do I enter the answers in the AMIRAM test?

Each question has four possible answers, marked with the digits 1, 2, 3, and 4. You should choose you answer and select its number using the number keys on the keyboard. The number you chose will be displayed at the bottom of the screen. Press Enter to confirm your answer. Until you press Enter you can change your mind and select a different answer simply by pressing its number. The new number will appear at the bottom of the screen instead of the answer you selected before.

What will happen if I arrive late for AMIRAM?

The test is administered several times in succession, and examinees are summoned according to the number of computers available. If you do not arrive by your allocated time, we cannot guarantee that you will be able to take the test. It will depend on a place becoming free (for example, if another examinee is late or there are examinees who work fast and finish early, etc.) In any case, examinees who arrive at their allocated time will have priority.

My computer broke down during the AMIRAM test. What should I do?

Breakdowns rarely occur during the AMIRAM test. However, if there is any failure, you should raise your hand immediately and wait for a proctor. In such cases a recovery program is executed which will allow you to go back to the beginning of the section of the test where the problem occurred.