Registration Procedures - AMIR

This page details the registration procedures for the AMIR test. You should read all the information carefully. During registration you will be asked to confirm that you have read the procedures, including NITE’s privacy policy.


General Information

Anyone with an Israeli identity document or valid passport can register to take the AMIR test. It is essential that you bring with you to the test the document that you used when registering.

There is no limit to the number of times an examinee can take the test, even on consecutive test administrations. However, it is not permitted to take the AMIR test less than 35 days after taking the AMIRAM test (or vice versa). If you take a test less than 35 days since a previous test, the test will be invalidated and you will not be entitled to a refund. If your test is invalidated, you will have to wait at least 35 days from the date of the invalidated test before taking another Hebrew proficiency test (either AMIR or AMIRAM).

You do no need to have applied to an educational institution in order to take the AMIR test. You need take the test only once, even if you are applying to multiple educational institutions.  Your scores will be reported to the institutions of your choice (see below for more details).

NITE reserves the right to pursue any course of action it deems appropriate in cases where it suspects that an examinee has registered for the test for a purpose other than that for which the test was designed and/or because of external motivations.

It is forbidden to register for the test in order to infringe on NITE’s proprietary rights. This includes copying, disclosing, or conveying test items, whether to provide instruction and preparation for the test or for any other purpose.


Test Scores

According to the policies of educational institutions, the scores in the AMIR test are valid for placement in compulsory English courses, or exemption from these courses, for a minimum of seven (7) years. So there is no need to postpone taking the test until immediately before registration for an educational institution. For more details, refer to the institutions’ own handbooks and websites.

Typically, educational institutions will use a candidate’s highest score, but you should confirm that this is the case for the institution of your choice.


Registration Procedures

There are two modes of registration: via the NITE website or by means of the printed registration packet. To obtain such a packet, call the Registration Center.

Registration for the test is contingent on payment of the test fees indicated on the NITE website at the time of registration. Registration must be completed in accordance with the instructions below, before the registration deadline that appears on the NITE website.

Information with regard to changing the test date, cancelling registration, late registration and same-day registration appear below.

Online Registration via the NITE website

It is important to make sure that the personal details provided during registration, including your email address, are correct.

On the form, you are asked to fill in your 9-digit Israeli ID number. If you do not have an Israeli ID card but have an Israeli passport or Immigrant Card (Teudat Oleh), copy the ID number from that document.

If you do not have any of these means of identification, you may type in your foreign passport number. Use the last 8 digits of your passport number. If your passport number has fewer than 8 digits, fill in the blank spaces on the left with zeroes.

NOTE: Make sure that you use the same identity or passport number to register for the AMIR test and for the educational institution of your choice.

For your information: a registration that is not entered into the system by the final registration deadline (for whatever reason) will not be accepted. We therefore recommend registering in advance and not waiting for the last minute. A confirmation will be issued when the registration process is complete.


Registration Using the Printed Form

Filling out the form

It is important to complete all parts of the registration form, including your email address.

Enter your identity number from your ID Card (Teudat Zehut) or Immigrant Card (Teudat Oleh) onto the form. Enter the check digit into the separate box provided for this purpose. If you do not know your check digit, leave this field blank. If your identity number is less than 8 digits long, fill in the blank spaces on the left with zeroes.

If you do not have an Israeli ID card but do have an Israeli passport, do not enter your passport number, but rather the ID number that appears in the passport. If you have neither an Israeli ID card, nor an Israeli passport, nor an Immigrant Card, copy your foreign passport number with the last digit in the rightmost box (leave the check digit box blank). A form submitted without an ID number or foreign passport number will not be processed.

NOTE: Make sure to use the same ID or foreign passport number in the registration for the AMIR test and in the application to the educational institution of your choice.


Bank Payment of Test Fee

After filling out the registration form, sign it and pay the fee at any bank, using the payment voucher attached to the form. Detach the examinee receipt and keep it for reference purposes. If the registration form gets lost, this receipt constitutes proof that you have paid. The last date for which the test fee is valid is noted on the payment voucher. Make sure to pay by this date or your form will not be processed.

NOTE: The test fee payment deadline and the final date for test registration are separate, independent deadlines.

Make sure that the registration form is stamped in all three designated places. If your form arrives at NITE without a bank stamp it will not be processed until payment is verified. This may prevent you from registering for the desired test date.


Mailing the Form

The form should be mailed according to the instructions appearing on it. Keep in mind that payment of the test fee does not constitute registration for the test (the bank does not forward your personal data to NITE). Your registration is processed only after the form is received at NITE. Do not send the registration form by fax.

NOTE: Your registration form must reach NITE by the registration deadline stipulated for the test administration date for which you are registering.

If the form arrives after the deadline, the registration will be for the following test administration.