Preparing for the Test & Practice Tests - AMIR

The AMIR assesses English language proficiency, which cannot be acquired in a matter of weeks, but only over a prolonged period of study. Therefore, there is little benefit in intensive short-term preparation. Nevertheless, if you have not had much exposure to reading materials in English over the past few years, it is recommended that you refresh your skills by reading various texts as the test date approaches. It is also suggested that you familiarize yourself with the requirements of the test.

To do this:

1. Read the material available on this website and make sure you are acquainted with the test’s format. Familiarize yourself with the types of questions that appear on the test. On this website, you will find answers to questions such as “Is it worthwhile to guess?” and “Are difficult questions weighted more heavily than easier questions?”

2. Carefully read sample questions and explanations for solving them. The more familiar you are with the types of questions you will be asked, the more comfortable you will feel when actually taking the test.

3. Read and make sure you understand the instructions for solving each type of question. The instructions found on this website are similar to those that appear on the actual test. By familiarizing yourself with these instructions in advance, you will have more time to answer the questions during the test.

4. Take the practice tests found on this website. Try to answer the questions under conditions as similar as possible to those you will encounter during the test itself: keep within the time limits and mark your answers on the answer sheet that accompanies each test.


Practice Tests

Five actual AMIR tests for practice purposes appear below. The tests will also help you estimate how well you are likely to perform when you take the test.

Note that new types of questions may occasionally appear on the test. In addition, changes may be made to some of the test instructions, the number of questions contained in a test section or the amount of time allotted for solving the questions.