Test Format & Components - AMIR


The AMIR test consists of three sections, each of which contains the following types of questions:

  • Sentence Completions
  • Restatements
  • Reading Comprehension


Sentence Completions test examinees’ ability to understand and use vocabulary in a given context. Restatements test examinees’ understanding of complex English sentences on the basis of their ability to identify the same idea when it is rephrased. The Reading Comprehension section tests examinees’ ability to understand - and answer questions about - short texts from a variety of academic fields.

Sentence Completions and Restatements are arranged in ascending order of difficulty. The Reading Comprehension questions are arranged according to the order in which the subject matter appears in the text.

From time to time, new types of questions may appear on the AMIR. There may also be changes in the test instructions, the number of questions in a section, or the time allotted for completing the section.


How the test sections are used

Of the three test sections, only two sections are used to calculate your score, while the remaining section is used to ensure the quality of new questions.  Before questions appear in a section that is used for scoring purposes, they undergo quality controls to ensure that they are fair and that they discriminate among examinees with different levels of ability. The section that is not used for scoring purposes consists of questions that are at this stage of quality control. Questions that meet statistical and other criteria may appear in the future in sections used for scoring purposes, while other questions that do not meet these criteria are disqualified. All of the sections used to calculate scores are made up of questions that have already undergone these quality controls successfully.

The section that is not used to calculate the score is critical.  It ensures that the questions on the test are sound and fair. There is no way for examinees to distinguish between the sections used for scoring and the remaining section. Therefore, for your own good, treat every section of the test with equal gravity.

This website provides examples and explanations of each type of question that appears in the AMIR, as well as practice tests.

Details and explanation of issues pertaining to the test in the English domain appear here: examples and explanations of questions in English.


Please note -

  • The sections in the AMIR test may differ slightly from the English sections in the Psychometric Entrance Test.
  • The time allotted for each section of the AMIR test is 20 minutes.
  • The time allotted for each section appears at the beginning of that section.
  • The number of questions in each section corresponds to the amount of time allotted for that section.