All examinees entering any of NITE’s test sites must present a valid Green Tag. Masks must be worn on site, and may be taken off only during the test itself.

According to the law, all examinees must present a Green Tag in order to enter the campus or testing center where they are being tested.

Criteria for receiving a Green Tag are presented on the Ministry of Health website. Results of home corona tests or any other test that cannot be uploaded to the Ramzor app for issuance of a Green Tag will not be accepted.  To issue your Green Tag, click here.

The Green Tag must either be displayed on your cellular device or printed out on a page that also includes the embedded QR code.

Please note:

  • Without a valid Green Tag, you will not be allowed to enter the campus or testing center and you will not be able to take the test!
  • Tags issued before 3 October 2021 are not valid.
  • You may not arrive at the test with an escort. Entry to the campus is restricted to examinees.
  • There are likely to be long lines at the entrance to each campus while Green Tags are being checked. It is recommended that you arrive at the campus at least an hour before the test begins. Latecomers will not be able to take the test!
  • An examinee is forbidden to leave home or arrive at the testing center if:
    • He or she must be in home isolation as per Ministry of Health guidelines.
    • He or she has a confirmed case of COVID.
  • Examinees must leave the building and the campus as soon as the test is over.