Submitting a Request for Special Test Accommodations for AMIRAM and YAELNET at the NITE Testing Centers

It is now possible to submit requests for special test accommodations for the AMIRAM (English proficiency test) and YAELNET (Hebrew proficiency test).

For information about special test accommodations for AMIRAM click here, and for information about special test accommodations for YAELNET click here.

Please note: Special test accommodations are available only to examinees who register via the NITE website for a test given in one of the NITE testing centers around the country. Special test accommodations are not available for tests given at the educational institutions.

The AMIRAM is already suitable for most physical and learning disabilities for which special accommodations are given:

  • The time allotted for each question is long enough even for examinees who are eligible for extra time on other tests.
  • Each question has its own time allotment, so that examinees do not have to worry about managing their time properly in order to answer all the questions.
  • The test is given in rooms that can accommodate only a limited number of examinees.
  • Examinees may take short rest breaks between sections of the test (but may leave the classroom only to go to the restroom).
  • The test is given in wheelchair-accessible rooms.

Therefore, if you need extra time, breaks, or physical accessibility to the test classroom, there is no need to request special test accommodations for AMIRAM.

If you need accommodations beyond those mentioned above, you must submit a request for special test accommodations.