Examinees Who Compromise the Integrity of a Test Will Not Be Allowed to Take Any Test for One Year

Beginning with the Winter (December) 2022 test administration, stricter sanctions will be imposed on examinees who have cheated - or helped someone else to cheat - on the Psychometric Entrance Test (PET). NITE reserves the right to take any action at its disposal should the integrity of its test be compromised. This may include filing a civil suit and submitting a complaint to university or college disciplinary committees. In addition, NITE has the authority to invalidate the test of an examinee and prohibit him or her from taking any of its tests for a period of 12 months if, in NITE’s judgement, that person has carried out any action that infringed on the confidentiality of the test or the use of its results, or if there is a suspicion that that person’s test scores do not reliably reflect his or her capabilities.

Please note: Impersonating another person (such as sending someone to take the test in your place) is a criminal offense. If someone is suspected of committing such an offense, a complaint will be filed with the police and with university disciplinary committees.