The MITAM Test Will Take Place on Friday 29/12/2023 in Accordance With Security Guidelines From the Home Front Command

The MITAM test will take place at 8:30am on Friday 29/12/2023 in accordance with security guidelines from the Home Front Command.

  • Due to logistical constraints the registration system will not support changing your test location; there may be changes to examinees’ assignments to rooms and campuses. Examinees who are affected by such changes will be notified personally via email.
  • All examinees who do not take the test in December will have their registration automatically transferred to a later test date (to be determined). The date will be determined in cooperation with the universities, depending on developments in the security situation, and after reserve soldiers have been released. Examinees who choose to attend this emergency test administration may transfer their registration to next year (30/9/2023), free of service charge, or cancel their registration and have their registration fees reimbursed in full.

Applications for test accommodations related to the current war

Examinees who are registered for the MITAM test and have been adversely affected by the war may apply for accommodations for the special test administration. Applications must include a personal letter describing the reason for the request, a description of the adverse effect and its implications for the examinee’s functioning during the test. Applications will be assessed thoroughly by a multi-disciplinary team including psychologists, learning disability experts, and test accommodation specialists to ensure fairness and consistency in the provision of accommodations.

Instructions for how to apply will be publicized after the emergency test date has been determined.

NITE extends support to the people of Israel and all those adversely affected by the war, in anticipation of better days.