NITE's Branch at the Azrieli College of Engineering Jerusalem


Address: 26 Ya’akov Schreiboim Street (Azrieli College of Engineering Jerusalem in Waze or Google Maps)
The NITE Test Center at the Azrieli College of Engineering Jerusalem is located in Building 4 (Graus), Floor 2, Classroom D220.


By public transportation

Israel Railways Israel Railways: Get off at the Yitzchak Navon station. From there, go to the Central Bus Station, take the Light Rail to the Yefeh Nof station and then bus line 5 or 50, both of which reach the entrance to the Campus. Alternatively, take bus line 6 from the Central Bus Station and get off at Rehov Shahal, which is at the Givat Mordechai junction.
Egged Egged bus: Take line 6, 17, 29, 39, or 39A to the Givat Mordechai junction. From this junction, go up the stairs from the main street straight to the entrance of the Campus.


By car

Parking From the Begin Highway (Route 50) South, get off at the Givat Mordechai exit and turn right onto Shmuel Bait Street. From Shmuel Bait Street, make the first right into the Ramat Beit HaKerem neighborhood (Shlomo Toussia Cohen Street). At the end of Shlomo Toussia Cohen Street, there is a traffic circle; go around the circle and continue straight as the road curves to the right. Continue until the College Entrance. Inside the Ramat HaKerem neighborhood, there are signs directing you to the College. Private vehicles are not allowed onto the Campus. There is paid parking (blue-white) on nearby streets.