As of 2020, the RAMA Test will no longer be given

Based on the professional opinion of the National Institute of Testing and Evaluation (NITE), it has been decided that beginning in 2020, the only tests used to determine students’ English placement levels will be the PET, AMIR, and AMIRAM. Students will no longer have the option of taking the RAMA test.

Students who were registered to take the RAMA test in the Fall 2019 and did not take the test may submit a request for a refund of the test fee by logging onto the NITE website. They will receive a refund according to the process described in NITE’s Registration Procedures.

It should be noted that the knowledge and skills used to determine the English placement level of a student taking the AMIR or AMIRAM are identical to the knowledge and skills required for the same purpose by the RAMA test.