NITE staff

NITE has approximately 135 employees, including 10 psychometricians with doctorates, most of whom have 30 or more years’ experience in the field; 30 test developers; 12 researchers, most of whom have masters’ degrees and expertise in a variety of fields; and 15 software experts. NITE’s staff also includes experts in the diagnosis of learning disabilities; quality assurance personnel; editors and translators; and management, finance, HR, logistics, and maintenance staff.


Senior staff

Dr. Joel Rapp

Director of NITE

Education: B.A. in psychology and statistics, M.A. in psychological research, Ph.D. in cognitive psychology.

Fields of Expertise: Management and development of large-scale tests (of academic achievements and cognitive skills), development and administration of computerized and adaptive tests, scoring and calibration, international testing and test translation, development of assessment centers, gender gaps

Additional information: Dr. Rapp was among the founders of the National Authority for Measurement and Evaluation in Education in Israel, and served as the director of its assessment development department from 2006-2018. He lectured for many years at the Hebrew University and the Open University. He served as the Chairman of the Israeli Psychometric Association from 2014-2015. Dr. Rapp served as director of the OECD’s PISA (Program for International Student Assessment) and conducted research for the organization as a recipient of the Thomas Alexander Fellowship. Dr. Rapp is a fellow of the Taub Center’s education policy program.




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Dr. Tzur Karelitz

Deputy Director and Research & Development Director

Responsible for managing and conducting studies related to NITE’s activities and to advancing new projects. Supervising NITE’s Program Evaluation unit and Natural Language Processing unit. Chief Psychometrician for the Analysis and Reporting unit for the National Authority for Educational Assessment and Evaluation (RAMA).

Education: BA in management and psychology, MA in applied statistics and quantitative psychology, PhD in psychometrics

Fields of expertise: Psychometric models, test questionnaire analysis, scoring and calibration, validation, agreement among evaluators, classroom assessment, higher education admissions, program evaluation.

Additional information: Dr. Karelitz previously held positions in research institutes in the U.S. where he was active in the development of assessment tools for educational frameworks, research on educational programs and professional training for teachers. Today he lectures in the Psychology faculty at the Hebrew University.




Mr. Nimrod Eshet

Director of Operations

Responsible fpicture of the staff memberor operational system management for the tests administered by NITE in Israel and abroad.

Education: BA in cognitive sciences and in Arabic language and literature; certificate studies in psychometrics

Fields of expertise: Developing test items for a wide range of open-ended and closed-ended tests; writing and editing texts; organizing and administering tests

Additional information: Mr. Eshet worked in NITE’s Test Development Department, as a team head on the Verbal Reasoning Domain staff. Subsequently, he served as Director of Customer Relations.





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Mr. Nadav Blum

Director of the Computing and Technology Division 

Education: BA in computer science and psychology, MA in criminology

Fields of expertise: Software engineering, computerized testing, DevOps processes




ספי פומפיאן

Mr. Sephi Pumpian

Head of the Testing Division

Responsible for developing all NITE tests and for providing instruction to test developers.

Education: BA in psychology and interdisciplinary studies in the humanities, MA in Hebrew language, certificate studies in editing

Fields of expertise: Development of large-scale, open- and close-ended tests; development of language tests and cognitive tests; testing consultations and instruction

Additional information: Mr. Pumpian has taught in the psychology department at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem since 2016.




Dr. Ruth Fortus

Head of Test Development

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Responsible for development of the Psychometric Entrance Test (PET) and its translation into five languages, and for development of tests such as AMIR, YAEL, MEIMAD, and RAMA.

Education: BA in psychology, MA in clinical psychology, PhD in education

Fields of expertise: Language evaluation, comprehensive test development

Additional information: Dr. Fortus has taught a year course in language evaluation at an institution of higher education and has conducted workshops throughout Israel on developing test questionnaires. She participated in the ECOSTAR project, which produced a CEFR-based framework for teaching English in institutions of higher education in Israel.




Dr. Avital Moshinsky

Director, Marom - Assessment and Admissions Centers

Responsible for the development and administration of entrance tests for medical schools, consultant to outside bodies on developing selection systems for evaluating non-cognitive variables.

Education: BA in psychology and biology, MA in clinical-medical psychology, PhD in cognitive psychology on decision-making under conditions of uncertainty

Fields of expertise: Development of computerized and adaptive tests; development of assessment centers; measurement of non-cognitive variables; validity, reliability, and fairness of non-cognitive tests

Additional information: Dr. Moshinsky is an experienced clinical psychologist. Previously, she taught at the Hebrew University and the David Yellin Academic College of Education and served on the audit committee of the Israeli Psychometric Association.



Mrs. Andrea Abramzon

Director of Scoring

Responsible for recording examinee answers to NITE tests, calculating scores, and reporting those scores to institutions of higher education and to examinees

Education: BA in education, sociology, and anthropology; MA (in progress) on learning technologies and systems; certificate studies in school measurement and evaluation

Fields of expertise: Calculating and reporting scores; providing quality control over the recording of answers and scoring of tests; supervising and giving feedback to raters of open-ended questions

Additional information: Mrs. Abramzon has served for many years as the contact person for institutions of higher education that use NITE tests to select and admit applicants. In this role, she has been responsible for, among other things, organizing an annual professional conference on the topic of selection and evaluation.



Dr. Noa Saka

Director of the Special Test Accommodations Unit

Education: BA in psychology and the Amirim Honors Program, MA in educational-clinical child psychology, PhD in psychology-education

Fields of expertise: Focus on theoretical and psychometric aspects of learning disability diagnosis, evidence-based approaches to the evaluation of developmental psychopathology, and accommodations for high-stakes tests and fairness in the higher education admissions process

Additional information: Dr. Saka is a highly experienced clinical psychologist and a senior lecturer in programs for educational-clinical child psychology, educational consulting, and learning disabilities at the Seymour Fox School of Education of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She completed a post-doctoral fellowship in child and adolescent psychiatry at Columbia University in New York. She teaches students of educational-clinical child psychology and consults with government and other entities involved in the development of research-based policies on testing accommodations.



Mrs. Esther Cohen

Director of Customer Relations

Responsible for providing user-friendly, direct responses to members of the public requesting information about tests or submitting complaints about the service they received from NITE.

Education: BA in economics and political science; continuing education courses in psychology

Fields of expertise: Responding to public inquiries orally and in writing; conducting comprehensive investigations into objections, complaints, and procedures; managing communications with relevant parties both within and outside of NITE.

Additional information: Mrs. Cohen previously worked in NITE’s Special Test Accommodations Unit, where she responded to inquiring from examinees with physical and learning disabilities. She developed a proficiency in conducting difficult and complex conversations. Mrs. Cohen is also responsible for managing the content of NITE’s website.